Guide: How to Convince Your Colleagues to Purchase Distribution Management System


Guide: How to Convince Your Colleagues to Purchase Distribution Management System

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Distribution Management System (DMS)

Is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that integrates all distribution processes in one connected system. Starting from products order, sales/trade promotions implementation, inventory level update, invoices creation, goods shipment, and other logistics management.

Distribution Management System (DMS) is essentially a Workforce Management System with additional advanced features suitable for your company’s distribution process.

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Benefits of the Distribution Management System features

I. Supporting business performance

For any system investment, every company management wants to know what the direct impact is on the business. Advotics’ Distribution Management System provides benefits for every type of business focus: whether for resource optimization, revenue maximization, or even business expansion.

a. Resource optimization

When all layers of the supply chain are connected in one system, the distribution process can run more smoothly. Number of store visits can increase up to 40% per employee so that the company can still reach the same number of stores even with fewer employees.

b. Revenue maximization

More frequent visits can result in up to 30% increase in sales orders. By reducing the manual activities of field salesmen, store visits can be more frequent and the relationship with the store owners can get closer.

c. Business expansion

With the usage of Advotics’ Distribution Management System, both salesman productivity and customer coverage increases, resulting in an increase in transactions of up to 53%.

d. For principal

All distribution process data are now recorded and integrated in the cloud system in real-time. Now the principal/manufacturer can find market data instantly and assist any distributors in sales strategies, for example special promotions for certain products and areas.

II. Visibility in all distribution layers

a. Better manage sales orders

The method of recording orders on paper forms or via text messaging applications is highly prone to data manipulation and any data errors which ultimately slow down the flow of information. Not to mention the time consuming data consolidation takes.


By using the Distribution Management System, all sales orders are instantly recorded in the salesman application, to be synchronized and compiled securely to the cloud, so that each order request can be followed up as soon as data enters the system. Now, each layer of your distribution can easily update and access any product information from mobile devices.


Supervisors and management can also create promotional programs from the web dashboard. Programs can be in the form of discounts or merchandises. Both programs can be set under certain terms, such as minimum purchases, maximum discounts, prize conditions, etc. Once the program is running, supervisors can easily analyze the impact of the promotion program on sales, as well as adjusting and stopping the program at any time.

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b. Monitor inventory stock in various warehouses

During the order fulfillment process, the status of remaining stock in the warehouse can influence the manager’s decision. For example, which orders are fulfilled first if the stock is running low, the goods will be shipped from which warehouse, etc. If the information is not updated in real time, the information the manager gets may not be the same as the actual condition on the field.


Distribution Management System can provide managers with comprehensive and real-time inventory information. They can access stock levels and monitor where the product is at any given time, from anywhere at any time. When goods leave the warehouse and are sent to the customer, stock information can be updated automatically. Likewise, if there is a stock adjustment due to inbound goods or stock count, the user can also add it to the system.

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c. Easily assign and track delivery orders

Distribution Management System can assist managers in assigning couriers/trucks to deliver goods to stores/customers and tracking their status. Furthermore, for additional verification, couriers can collect digital proof of delivery, such as photo documentation and electronic signature.

Delivery accuracy is also ensured because couriers can only complete the delivery status in the application if they are already in the coordinates of the registered customer’s location.


d. One-view Dashboard to review all information


Dashboard in the Distribution Management System is used by supervisors and management to display the most important and critical business performance in a concise and clear manner. The web is designed so that supervisors and management can see and understand data in the shortest time possible.

One view to review all information, showing sales, area, store and product performance can help management make better strategic decisions.

e. Canvasser and real-time invoice generator

Unlike the general salesman, a sales canvasser is a person who offers a product in a sales process without any prior contact. Sometimes they even bring the product they want to offer and sell to the store owners on the spot and the store owner can immediately receive it.

To speed up the sales process, canvassers who use the Distribution Management System can order goods and create invoices directly from the application. Advotics software can also be integrated with a portable bluetooth printer, so the canvasser can print the proof of purchase directly at the customer’s location.

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f. Monitor product return progress

Product Return module aims to manage items returned by users (damaged, unsold, or expired). Starting from the process of submitting product returns, withdrawing goods from customers, up to monitoring the status of goods.


g. End-to-end integration for your workforce

With a click of a button, your distributor application can link any activity related to distribution activity. Starting from the salesman processing orders, warehouse workers updating the stock quantity of goods, couriers make delivery notes, to technicians performing asset maintenance at the client’s store. Each layer of your supply chain network can be easily updated and access information from any devices.

III. The SaaS system and its resilience in a crisis

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is cloud-based software. All employees have online access according to their respective access restrictions.

a. Minimizing IT costs

Advotics’ subscription system does not charge an initial fee. The monthly fee includes the software license fee and cloud server. Companies also only need to pay according to company scale.

b. Remote access and visibility

Since every device is connected, it is very easy for supervisors and managers to review each report on their web dashboard. Apart from accessing internal data, users can also view market conditions through data that has been processed into analytics, such as the latest market demand and activity in each area. With a cloud-based system, users can take their business anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, including if they need to work from home.


c. Faster roll-out and adoption

Unlike other systems which spend a long time in development delay, Advotics system is always ready for use in the market. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the software is also continuously updated. This ensures customers to get the latest features with a faster system.

d. Reliability and security

Advotics is ISO 27001 certified in Data Security and we are a trusted partner of Amazon Web Services.

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