Automatically generate the most optimal route plan for delivery order by maximizing vehicle capacity. Our system can assign and match vehicles with their delivery orders within various delivery constraints, to ensure order fulfillment within the right delivery window.

Top Features:

  • Automatically assemble delivery order for selected departure period
  • Assign available vehicles along with its capacity constraint
  • Drag-and-drop feature to fine-tune delivery order assignment

Generate the Best Delivery Planning

Advotics route planning have proven to increase 50% of store coverage with the same number of resources deployed. The system automates the most optimal delivery route plan to ensure order fulfillment and revenue maximization while giving a great customer experience.

Advotics Delivery Planning System
Advotics Delivery Planning System

Optimize Resources Within Various Constraints

Minimize travel time and transportation costs by considering complex delivery constraints such as vehicle delivery capacity, driver availability, transported product requirement, operating hours, partial delivery pickup, order priority, and even multi-pickup drop.

Dynamic Rescheduling and Cancellations

The seamless drag-and-drop interface allows easy management of last-minute re-routing. This feature is also handy to incorporate supervisor’s experience in fine-tuning the generated route plan.


Capture Proof of Delivery

Assign delivery route directly to drivers’ apps. Moreover, QR codes scan, delivery photos, signatures, and all geo-coordinates time-stamps can be captured to authenticate deliveries.

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