Enjoy the benefits of using the Workforce Management System with advanced features that will improve tracking your distribution process.

Top Features:

  • Integrated order processing until invoice generation
  • Inventory stock monitoring and update
  • Delivery order assignment and tracking

Integrated with all your distribution activities, from sales order purchasing to generate invoices. Any activities related to order processing, such as stock inventory update, delivery note generation, up to invoice creation is connected


Real-time view of a comprehensive inventory system where companies can access stock numbers and monitor where products are at all given times

Deploy, dispatch the most suited courier for the job, and track the delivery status. Courier can collect digital delivery proofs, such as photo documentation & recipient’s e-signature

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Workforce Management System is the powerful predecessor of the Distribution Management System. It is focusing more on digitizing frontliners activities who work actively on the field and visit one customer to the other.

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