Logistics software that can help to streamline your daily warehousing activities by providing visibility throughout the process of receiving, storing, until shipping and transferring goods to other warehouses.

Main features:

  • Increase the accuracy of moving goods activities
  • Make it easier for warehouse operators/checkers to track goods location
  • Monitor stock movement and utilization rates in all warehouses
  • Optimize warehouse capacity 
  • Capture stock taking process

Warehouse Operations Management

Ensure the quantity of inbound (stock-in) & outbound (stock-out) goods match the stock transfer document. The system shortens the receiving time due to automatic put away recommendations (according to fast moving or slow moving products) and recommendations for picking up goods (based on FIFO). Captured data can also be used for the stock-taking process. 

Inventory Management

Helping warehouse managers to efficiently monitor stock levels in total and per SKU, that spread across various warehouses. Product storage levels are available for different tiers: warehouse location, warehouse aisles/sections, up to bins. Managers can also check warehouse space utilization to develop storage strategies and coordinate with production or sales managers according to overstock/understock conditions.

Additional features :

  • Match the quantity of receipt/transfer of goods with  the product QR code scans to prevent loss of goods due to human error
  • Track & trace activities per serial number
  • Automate pick-&-putaway recommendation
  • Capture the replacement of defect products in the box

In this solution:

  • Stock is automatically booked when a customer’s order is approved for fulfillment and officially decreases when the goods are processed for delivery
  • Manage multiple warehouses in 1 platform
  • Capture COGS 
  • However, there is no warehouse occupancy information, and the storage location is only up to the warehouse level, not until sections and bins. There is also no activity record directly from the operator’s mobile application


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