Revolutionary Warehouse Management System: A New Way to Identify Products


Revolutionary WMS : A New Way to Identify Products

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What is Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management System supply chain solutions will help your warehouse management as it tracks and store products in and out of your warehouse. The goal is to know where your products are at given times so you know how to manage its level correctly. A shortage may result in breaking the customer’s loyalty, while an overstocks might become a liability as to its risk of spoilage, damage, or even theft.

To remain as a reliable partner for your customers in today’s competitive market, efficient warehouse system is crucial. The right system will ensure accurate and on-time deliveries between locations, while also shortening processing time within the warehouse (receiving, packing, shipping).

Warehouse Management Software with Cloud System

Keeping accurate records in the cloud using a supply chain solutions for all transactions would eliminate the time-consuming data errors that occur often with the manual system. Data errors such as mis-shipments, out of stocks, overstocks, that would end up costing the company more money and wasted labor to fix.

With a supply chain solutions, through mobile devices, all employees regardless of location can have immediate access to the product information, product location, historical activities, and service history. To identify this inventory, information is encoded in labels or barcodes or QR codes.

Identifying Products with Barcodes

Barcodes store information horizontally in a machine-readable format that can be easily scanned. Most barcodes used in the market can store information only until the level of product SKU and quantity in a batch. 

Lately, most companies want to improve their tracking system by incorporating serial numbers. However, they quickly realized that it will exceed the maximum barcode capacity.

By incorporating unique serial numbers, companies can see product movement as its record time stamps throughout all distribution layers. Serial numbers also ensure FIFO (First in First Out) system and flexible warehouse storage. Now, more information can be stored as every single serial numbers are unique.


Incorporating Serial Numbers with QR Codes: Advotics Solutions

Unlike barcodes, QR codes store significantly more data because it encoded in both horizontally and vertically. The latest version, Version 40, can take up to 3.4 x 10^7111 unique combinations (2,953 characters multiply by 23,624 bits of information). Using QR codes, Advotics supply chain solutions can offer a more detailed inventory system.

Companies can access unique serial numbers, aisle numbers, and even lot numbers where the products are stored. Supported by scanners or RFID sensor in every corner, Advotics supply chain solutions can also provide timestamps for products when they move within the warehouse.

advotics qr codes wms

Investing in inventory management software will improve productivity. By scanning QR codes with our mobile app, Advotics improves operators’ loading accuracy and productivity. Now, they can easily access information and product destination on the warehouse anywhere and anytime. When products have been successfully moved, they can verify their tasks straight from the app.

Advotics can also optimize your current storage system, for example, companies can utilize the data differentiate storage rules based on its product duration (fast-moving and slow-moving). This way, fast-moving products can get out of the warehouse faster as it doesn’t get held up by slower-moving products. This will not only improves warehouse management system but also customer satisfaction.

Other than field employees, back office employees will also have access to a real-time view into inventory flow via Advotics web dashboard. This system will optimize inventory productivity and efficiency to meet customer’s expectations.

Contact us to start integrating QR codes into your inventory management. Want more insights to improve your supply chain management? This is why you should go paperless for your logistic operations and why you should incentivize your field employees. 

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