Advotics develops technology to digitalize your offline field and trade activities

We assist management in building more transparent, efficient, and scalable bussines with cloud-based platform.

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Make it easy to manage your business operation

Sales and Distribution
Ensuring more granular, transparent, and automated performance management for your workforce
    Top Features:
  • Responsive image Geo-tagging check in & visit data collection
  • Responsive image Sales order automation
  • Responsive image Route management & scheduling
Marketing and CRM
Scaling up business by enabling direct reach to retailers to run centralized marketing & sales campaign
    Top Features:
  • Responsive image Loyalty campaign management & tracking
  • Responsive image Self-service ordering
Digital Product Identity
Breakthrough solution for product tracking with digital identity (QR code) embedded in product packaging
    Top Features:
  • Responsive image Counterfeiting protection
  • Responsive image Personalized Incentive collection for resellers
BI & Analytics
Connecting real-time data from mobile platform to generate powerful business insights
    Top Features:
  • Responsive image KPI and incentive management for workforce and retailers
  • Responsive image Geo-productivity analysis

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Advotics platform has generated significant measurable value to our customers


Increase in number of store visits per day


User have been registered to our platform


Connection with retailer that Advotics help to link

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