Producing and dispatching daily route plans all over the country. It automatically pairs a cluster of customers with field agents who cover that area, then it generates daily route plan for the field agents to follow through.

Top Features:

  • Automatically generate route plan
  • Optimizing travel distance
  • Balancing algorithm and human judgment

Reduce Time and Resources in Planning Routes

Most FMCG clients approximately spends 30 days in a year to create a monthly route planning. This time can be slashed to less than an hour!

  • Reduce transportation costs by adjusting your fixed delivery schedules daily
  • Provide more reliable delivery schedules to improve your service
  • Ensure your daily transportation schedule stay legal
Advotics-RMS-feature v.2

Increase Sales Coverage

With more optimized distance in their route plan, our clients increase their sales coverage by 50%, so their salesforces can cover more stores!

Customizable Parameters

Parameters are constraints and/or optimization that needs to be taken to consider when generating a route plan. It consists of field agents’ working hours, leave schedules, holidays, and more. Companies can also prioritize certain clients based on their level of generated order, level of attention, and preferred visit time.

Advotics RMS feature

Balancing Algorithm and Human Judgment

Provides flexibility for supervisors and management team to fine-tune the generated route plan and making sure that the automatic route plan doesn’t exceed its parameters before it got finalized.

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