Advocate Relationship Management is tools that can accommodate both large and small business, where you can manage not only business relationship, but also data and information

Top Features:

  • Loyalty campaign management & tracking
  • Self-service ordering

Use technology to link with your retailers directly, to make them more sticky and love your brands even more

Reduce friction between you and your retailers – they can join marketing campaign, order collection, and complaint ticket management in mobile-apps. They know how to grow your business even without your team’s presence

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Equip customer with self-service ordering capabilities to shorten lead time & availability

Customers can place order from their smartphone, with data sent to distributors automatically up-to-the minute

Engage your retailers in loyalty program, with more transparency, real-time data, and no old-school scratch cards

Retailers can submit their purchase and product display online, see their achievement, and exchange their points to vouchers in just one apps.

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Manage, control and monitor multiple campaigns easily

Personalize campaign based on resellers’ location and time, with various distribution strategy that are ready off-the-shelves and able to be adjusted real-time

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Ensuring more granular, transparent, and automated performance and order management for your workforce.

QR Codes technology on product packaging as unique digital identity to protect against cross-border sales and counterfeiters, track product movement and inventory, and also reward loyalty.

Cut off operation costs by knowing the exact metrics of vehicle usage duration, idle time.

Automatically generate the most optimal route plan for delivery order by maximizing vehicle capacity.

Integration of distribution activities, from sales order, purchasing activity to generate invoices.

Automatically pairs a cluster of customers with field agents who cover that area, then it generates daily route plans for the field agents to follow through.

Logistics software that can help to streamline your daily warehousing activities by providing visibility throughout the process of receiving, storing, until shipping and transferring goods to other warehouses.