Advocate Relationship Management is tools that can accommodate both large and small business, where you can manage not only business relationship, but also data and information

Top Features:

  • Loyalty campaign management & tracking
  • Self-service ordering

Use technology to link with your retailers directly, to make them more sticky and love your brands even more

Reduce friction between you and your retailers – they can join marketing campaign, order collection, and complaint ticket management in mobile-apps. They know how to grow your business even without your team’s presence

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Equip customer with self-service ordering capabilities to shorten lead time & availability

Customers can place order from their smartphone, with data sent to distributors automatically up-to-the minute

Engage your retailers in loyalty program, with more transparency, real-time data, and no old-school scratch cards

Retailers can submit their purchase and product display online, see their achievement, and exchange their points to vouchers in just one apps.

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Manage, control and monitor multiple campaigns easily

Personalize campaign based on resellers’ location and time, with various distribution strategy that are ready off-the-shelves and able to be adjusted real-time

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