A New Way to Expand Your Sales Coverage

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Field sales, like other types of field agent, juggle various responsibilities, with travelling time consuming their daily working hours. Stretching their capacity, in the number of customers they handle, probably do more harm than good. So, how do you manage the perfect balance of maintaining a good business relations with current clients in addition to acquiring new clients? 

The Challenge

Let’s say that you’re a principal producer of bottled milk. You already acquire hundreds of stores in your city to sell your products, your KPIs are stable and meeting targets. So what’s next? Time for expansion?

On the other hand, you already have 50+ field agents under you but your upper management isn’t willing to hire more anytime soon. Cost-wise, the addition of new field agents reduce the business scalability in general. So how do you acquire more stores to sell your bottled milk without adding more field agents? 

The Current Situation

Field agents serve multiple clients with a wide area to cover. Depending on the client’s needs, field agents are in charge of various tasks. In each visit, field agents usually collect for logistic documents, conduct market survey, and check inventory levels. Apart from maintaining a great customer service to current clients, field agents also go around the area to acquire new stores. 

Products with a quick shelf life such as bottled milk and other FMCGs require more frequent visits from field agents. Those products get used up quickly and need to be replaced relatively often. This is why field agents end up going to the same client store over and over in a short period just to take sales orders. This strategy needs to be changed because it consumes field agents time too much, leaving them with a very small window to acquire new stores.

The Sales Solution

For loyal existing stores, consider utilizing them with the Advotics Advocate Relationship Management (ARM) marketing and crm solution. Store owners can fill up sales orders and maintenance requests themselves instead of always waiting for field agents to visit the store. 

Since store owners are now equipped with the mobile app, field agents don’t need to visit the store as often. Other than a monthly or even weekly check-up, field agents would only visit a store for special occasions such as when bulk orders are coming in, or when the principal has a new product to launch. 

By streamlining the process, field agents can now put more time into acquiring new stores. Consequently, their KPI can be adjusted into onboarding more store owner to ARM mobile Apps. This way, the principal can expand its distribution without adding more field agents.

The Other Benefit

With Advotics ARM, store owners can earn rewards points (loyalty program) every time they scan their purchased orders. Earning points increase the interests from store owners to scan the products.  This way, the principal can now obtain data until retailer stores. This data can be used for the company’s analytics in which very useful for upper management to strategize their next move.   

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