QR Codes technology on product packaging allows businesses to protect against cross-border sales and counterfeiters, track product movement and inventory, and also reward loyalty

Top Features:

  • Counterfeiting protection
  • Personalized Incentive collection for resellers

QR code allows each product item to hold unique identity that will appear using scanning apps

QR code will be read differently depends on user authorization and type of application. This data will be transmitted to server upon scanning so product location can be tracked

advotics product digitalization identity 2

Product location will enable you to track the movement and store's inventory level and protect against cross-border transactions

Supported by QR code linkage on multi-layer of packaging (pallet, box, until individual packaging), you can track the product distribution real-time and identify unfair cross-border inventory dumping

Measure and rewards loyalty and advocacy of resellers/influencers to push your brand to end customers

Provide program and measure loyalty points until individual basis, by scanning the QR codes using Advotics apps, that will also encourage scanning activity until the final distribution layer


Protect against counterfeiters and ensure product authenticity to manage brand quality in the market

Ensure each and every product item is unique so duplicate items will be detected as fake ones

Warehouse Management System

Real time tracking inventory flows within your warehouse. Allows not only visibility but also manual adjustment after stock-taking. The goal is to know where your products are at given times so you know how to manage their level correctly.


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