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Companies who distribute products around requires a lot of different types of vehicle. From forklifts and trucks that run within the warehouse to container trucks and delivery vans that are constantly on the road. Because of the wide variety of needs and huge investment amount, most companies rent their vehicles through a third party vendor.

Vehicle leasing typically charges vehicles daily, monthly or even yearly. However, most companies don’t know whether vehicles are optimally used or not because they never measure their usage. What ends up happening, is that some of the rented vehicles may never hit the road. This means that oftentimes companies are getting charged by the vendor for underutilized vehicles.

Not managing your vehicle system will rack up your expenses in the long run and make a disadvantageous impact on the profitability of your company as a whole. To measure its usage, consider using a tracking system.


Track It with a System: Advotics


Advotics Vehicle Management System is a tracking software that will ultimately automate its data collection. It captures location, movement, availability, activity, idle time, operator identity and vehicle usage duration. 


By knowing its usage, the company can start to minimize idle/underutilize vehicles. This will lower rental costs while also helps optimizing vehicle allocation. The goal is to avoid any surplus or deficit of vehicles in any warehouses and locations. 


Since Advotics software is integrated into every single vehicle, any breakdowns or maintenance can be issued right away. It will save operators time because instead of constantly looking for ready-to-use vehicles around the warehouse, they can simply access all its availability through his mobile app. On the other hand, the company can issue maintenance and deploy a backup vehicle if any one of them broke down in the middle of a task. 


For every money you put on investment, you should know how much profit you’re expecting. Advotics software can help you cutting off operation costs. One of Advotics client’s return on investment (ROI) reached up to 49x after implementing the new system for only 1 year usage.

All data are uploaded into Advotics cloud, straight from each vehicle. This process can generate a variety of reports for companies to better analyze and manage expenses. With the right strategy, companies can minimize risks, improving the efficiency and productivity of their vehicles.  

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