Advotics VMS feature v.2

A tracking software that captures location, movement, availability, activity, idle time, operator identity, and vehicle usage duration.

Top Features:

  • Utilization Calculation of Fleet’s Movement
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Web Analytics Visualization

Asset Visibility & Cut Off Operation Costs

By knowing its usage, company can maximize equipment utilization. This will lower rental costs while also helps optimizing asset allocation. The goal is to avoid any surplus or deficit of vehicles in any warehouses and locations.

Advotics VMS feature
Advotics VMS feature

Improve Productivity

With our Vehicle Management System integrated into every single vehicle, any breakdowns or maintenance can be issued right away. Saving operator’s time as they can simply access all its availability through their mobile app. While company, can deploy a backup vehicle if any vehicle broke down in the middle of a task.

Better Strategy

Tracking vehicle can generate a variety of reports for companies to better analyze and manage expenses. Learn more on how to maximize your vehicle usage today!


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