Why You Should Shift To Paperless for Your Logistic Operations

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Field agents who work for logistics and supply chain companies are constantly collecting, retaining, and storing documents on the go. These paper trails are complex and often times inefficient. Missing documents can not only be costly but also halt field agents operations. Having accessibility to digitalize these documents would reduce errors, speed processing, and help field agents to make smarter decisions.


Increase speed

Supply chains are fast-paced, field agents need to be able to access and updates documents immediately, from anywhere and anytime. Field agents need to collect sales orders, update payments, check inventories level, and store customer complaints.

When you consider the day-to-day process of a field agent client visits, a large percentage of their day is manually filling form and collecting data. Advotics believes that we can cut these enormous hours down by creating Advowork.

For example, a sales order process usually involves a field agent manually taking the order in a piece of paper, then he/she has to go back to the office to hand over the documents. After that, the admin has to file in the data into the system so that the order can be processed. 

With Advowork, field agents just have to file in the data once at the store. The head office team don’t have to wait for field agents to get back to the office to process the order because the data sync up in real-time.The time taken to get an order out has been increasingly reduced and also ensures faster efficient deliveries.

Tighten Security

Data integrity is very important for supply chain companies, filing errors can not only cost a lot to track down but also very time-consuming. For the supply chain operators, paperless workflows mean lower human interventions. With digitalization, all data inputs are automatically synced into multiple systems. This increases accuracy and made tracking files visible to anyone at any time.


Increase Productivity

By being automated, field agents can significantly reduce their time on manually doing data entry. They can increase their client visits and focus more on tackling other concerns like increasing customer loyalty.

Advoworks can also help field agents compare competitors retail pricing and stock levels. Field agents can take pictures of competitors product presence in a store to compare it thus helps the head office to analyze the market faster.

No matter what size your company is, the more business you do, the more documents you have to manage. Are you ready for a better solution? Advotics can capture, store and analyze your documents while verifying the accuracy. To learn more about our supply chain solutions, contact us today.

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