What are Distributor Software Solutions?


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What are Distributor Software Solutions?

Distributors of any size face many of the same challenges. From complex product inventories, changing market demands, and fluctuations of situations in the supply chain network. Software for distributors provides tools to help you in better managing sales orders, pricing, shipping, billing, and more.

As the largest archipelago country in the world, the distribution system in Indonesia is unique. It still relies on general trade stores with an estimated 60-70% retail transaction still happening on GT. (Read here: how to run a successful distribution business in Indonesia).

Advotics offers distributor software that integrates and automates the business process. All of your information is secured in a cloud where managers can get the most accurate and real-time information. This way, all pressing and demanding situations can be identified early and addressed quickly.

There are three main things that a distributor software need:

1. End-to-End Integration for Your Workforce Flow

What is the whole point of using software if you can’t synchronize your whole sales documents? With a click of a button, your distributor software can connect any activities related to order processing, such as stock inventory update, up to delivery note generation. Even invoice creation can be followed through afterwards, as soon as the information is synchronized in the system. Every layer of your supply chain network can easily update and access information about the product from mobile devices.


2. Visibility in Inventory Stock

Distributor owns and manages warehouses where they keep the products. It’s very important to balance the stock level at a reasonable level. Why? because if the stock is too many, there will be a risk of financial losses. Take for example perishable goods such as foods, if it is kept too long in a warehouse, it will spoil by the time it gets in the stores.

Distributor software can give managers a real-time view of a comprehensive stock inventory management where they can access stock numbers and monitor where products are at all given times. Advotics keep accurate records for all incoming and outgoing inventory activities to eliminate the time-consuming data errors that occur often with the manual system. Data errors such as mis-shipments, out of stocks, overstocks, that would end up costing the company more money and wasted labor to fix.

3. Track and Assign Delivery Order with Ease

Finding the right delivery courier for the right products is very tricky. If it isn’t done right, mis-shipments can be very expensive especially with products with high vulnerability to deterioration.

Distributor software helps managers in matching, deploying, and dispatching the most suited delivery courier for the job, as well as tracking its status. Furthermore, for extra verification, couriers can collect digital delivery proofs, such as photo documentation & recipient’s e-signature.

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There are many more distributor software features you can delve in as a distributor. If you want to better serve your customers, you can also try to equip them with a self-service ordering app or start building your loyalty with a trade marketing program.

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