Guide: How to Convince Your Colleagues to Purchase Workforce Management System


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Workforce Management System 

SaaS (Software as a Solution) tracks live performance of field employees and digitalize documents that help supervisors to monitor, follow up on activities, and monitor data in real time.

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Benefits of the Workforce Management System features:

I. Stronger business performance

With any system investment, company management certainly wants to know its immediate impact is on the business, Advotics’ Workforce Management System presents benefits for each type of business focus: whether its for resource optimization, revenue maximization, or business expansion.

a. Resource optimization

Increase the number of visits up to 40% per employee, so that the company can still reach the same number of stores even with fewer employees.

b. Maximize revenue

More frequent visits to your clients/stores will result in an increase in sales orders of up to 30%. By reducing salesman’s manual activities, store visits can become more frequent and can tighten up relations with the store. 

c. Business expansion

With the use of Advotics’ Workforce Management System, productivity of salesmen increases and customer coverage increases, resulting in an increase in transactions of up to 53%.

II. SaaS system and its resilience in crisis

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is cloud-based software. All employees have online access according to their access restrictions.

a. Minimize IT costs

Advotics subscription system does not charge any initial fee. Monthly fee includes the cost of maintaining the software and cloud server licenses. Companies only need to pay according to the scale of the company.

b. Remote access and visibility

Since every device is connected, it’s very easy for supervisors and managers to review every report on their web dashboard. In addition to accessing internal data, users can also view market conditions through data that has been processed into analytics, such as consumer demand and the latest market activity in each area. 

Advotics dashboard can be used to access and analyze the performance of employees from various perspectives, such as attendance, sales, and others. Supervisors and management can now review the overall targets of all departments using business analytics and target parameters that can be adjusted based on the company’s KPI list.


Access and visibility are very necessary because of the industry’s constantly changing circumstances. SaaS systems can help managers make decisions faster and more accurately. For instance, whenever they find a problem they can address it immediately. With a cloud-based system, users can take their business anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

c. Faster roll-out and adoption

Unlike other systems that generally spend a long time in development delay time, Advotics system is always ready for use in the market. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the software is also constantly updated. This ensures customers to always get the latest features with a faster system.

d. Reliability and security

Advotics holds ISO 27001 certification in Data Security and we are also a trusted partner of Amazon Web Services. 

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III. Paperless & digital system

a. Increase productivity

Users are now no longer burdened by time-consuming manual data entry, so they can focus on tackling other tasks. 

b. Increase speed of information flow

All users are able to access and update documents from anywhere and anytime. Data only needs to be entered once because it is synchronized in real time to all connected devices. 

c. Tightening security

Digitizing documents will increase accuracy and minimize human error. Workforce Management System can take pictures, save and analyze your data input and verify the accuracy of the information. 

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IV. Hybrid mode

Hybrid mode is Advotics solution for users in areas that have limited bandwidth or a bad internet connection. In contrast to other systems that only rely on online systems, in hybrid mode, information is stored on local mobile storage or in the cloud. Every time the device is reconnected online, new and updated data will be retrieved and synchronized on the mobile device together with accurate time-stamps. 

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V. System is always updated according to industry best practices

In the first half of 2020 alone, Advotics has updated the dashboard design of the web portal, launched the latest design of the mobile application, added a grouping feature to the survey and report modules, and updated the KPI function. All updates are made with the aim that the user can see and understand data related to his work in the shortest possible time.  

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