Who Can Utilize Workforce Management System Solution?

Who Can Utilize Workforce Management System Solution?

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Workforce Management System is a SaaS (Software as a Solution) live performance tracking of field employees and a document digitalization system that helps supervisors to manage, follow up on activities, and monitor data in real-time.

Software can be used by anyone from field employees such as salesmen, canvassers, technicians to salesmen for project construction and SMEs. Supervisors and management can access data through a web portal, while field employees can document their activities through the mobile app. 

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What are the Benefits of Workforce Management System for every profession?

  1. Streamline salesman’s operational activities

Now, salesmen can confirm their attendance through their mobile applications. Integrated with GPS, salesmen have better navigation tools to go through their day. This way, they can adjust more client visits and end their day on time.

Workforce Management System also digitalize all documents by collecting them digitally and storing them in the cloud. Field sellers only need to report a document once in the mobile application, and the document will be sent immediately for verification by the supervisor. Now, sales order data can be processed by the factory or warehouse in real-time.

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  1. Transparency in Sales Supervisor monitoring activities

Web dashboards can access and analyze employee performance from various perspectives, such as attendance, sales orders, locations, new outlets (NOO), and other activities carried out by salesmen. With real-time monitoring, supervisors don’t have to wait until the end of the day to see and verify all reports.

Our solutions help management to run transparent, efficient and scalable businesses with a cloud-based platform. The more data taken from offline activities into the system can provide management with better visibility, provide market dynamics, and geo-productivity.

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  1. Canvasser’s productivity optimization

The key to canvasser’s success is maximizing their time to interact better with customers and making more offers to potential customers. Therefore, data optimization is very important.

All canvasser data is now encrypted, such as sales orders, invoices, payments and other reports uploaded safely to the cloud and can be printed on the spot if needed. The software can also be integrated with a portable Bluetooth printer so that canvasser can print it directly at the customer’s location.

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  1. Coordinate Technicians with the right job

For the construction industry, technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical cables. While IT company technicians have the responsibility in troubleshooting problems, repairing, and maintaining facility equipment. Workforce Management System helps supervisors in assigning tasks to technicians who are most suited for the job. It is designed to optimize resources while considering the type of technician skills, the location of the technicians, and also other factors.

The technician can obtain all service task information through the Workforce Management System mobile application, including the most efficient time slot route planning, and all descriptions of the service requests needed. Thus, technicians who are on rotation or last minute schedule change will no longer be a barrier. New technicians can easily take over the old technician’s work because all the information they need can be accessed through the mobile application. 

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5. Strengthening Project Construction Salesman’s relationship with all parties

Unlike salesmen in general, construction company salesmen must be connected to not only retail stores, but also contractors at construction sites. Not only that, the supply of building materials is also more complex, each construction project depends on the stage of development because each stage requires different materials and tools. With Workforce Management System, construction salesmen have project visibility, such as PIC information, location, transaction history, and project status updates. Now, they can offer the most appropriate products and facilitate the flow of information from all parties involved. 

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6. Affordable technology for SMEs

These days, data with good quality is increasingly easy to obtain, digital resources are now more accessible and affordable for all sizes and types of businesses. Today’s SMEs can simplify their business processes by utilizing the latest technology.

Primarily for small-scale distribution and manufacturing companies, Workforce Management System’s mission is to provide effective solutions for SMEs with the best costs that improve the operational efficiency of business, because we believe that SaaS is not only for large budget enterprises anymore.

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