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The bulk of salesman operation is on the road. So how do supervisors manage and monitor their performance remotely while increasing their productivity?

Salesmen are Always on a Time Crunch

Their day in life usually goes like this; early in the morning and at the end of each day, salesmen have to go to the headquarter for daily attendance regardless of their route plan for the day. Principal companies then assigned them with a schedule of existing clients list that they need to visit in a day. 

With existing clients, salesmen usually take sales orders, collect payments, reporting inventory levels, take in complaints, surveys, and more. Salesmen can also prospect other retail stores as new clients to increase the company’s sales expansion.

Since salesmen have to do attendance at the office, they sometimes end up taking a long detour away from their daily route plan to clock in and out at the office. When they finally handed over the documents at the headquarters at the end of the day, administration from the company has to collect and input the data into the system for it to be processed to the next step. 

Since data collected are still paper-based there are a lot of delays from the order first taken until the products arrive. Not only does it take a lot of time and meticulous manual input, but paper-based workloads are also prone to human error.

AdvoWork is a mobile app solution that helps salesmen to streamline its operation. Now, they can simply do attendance through their mobile app. With a built-in GPS, salesmen have a better navigation tool to go through their day. This way, they can fit more client visits and ends their day on time. 

The software also digitizes all paperwork by compiling it digitally and retain it in a cloud. Salesmen only need to report it once and the documents get sent straight away for supervisors to be checked. Now, sales orders can be processed by the manufacturer in real-time.


Supervisors Want More Transparency

One of the daily concerns of supervisors and managers is the lack of transparency in salesmen’s activities throughout the day. Supervisors have to constantly call or message individual salesmen to make sure that they are on track visiting clients to meet KPI sales targets. 

Supervisors also don’t have the tool to double-check salesmen’s KPI performance with an exact metric. What ends up happening is that management couldn’t appreciate the right employees, which in the long run this strategy will be bad for employee morale.

The strenuous process of monitoring salesmen with calling and messaging can be avoided by using Advotics. Advotics’ Advowork, can collect and track all employee data as frequently as the company’s wants. 

The dashboard can access and analyze employees’ performances from multiple perspectives, such as attendance, sales order, locations, new open outlets, and other activities that salesmen do. Monitoring in real-time basis, supervisors don’t need to wait until the end of the day to see all the reports. 

Advotics also collect data-based analytics, management can now better incentivize their salesmen. Our solution assist management in being a more transparent, efficient and scalable business with a cloud-based platform.


Do More with AdvoMarketing

Instead of waiting for salesmen to file up sales orders, clients, who already integrate their Workforce Management System with Advocate Relationship Management solution, will have the ability to request it themselves. This way, they can now focus more to improve their service and put more time into acquiring new clients.

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