Utilizing Technology to Achieve the Most Efficient Route Planning

Utilizing Technology to Achieve the Most Efficient Route Planning

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Any businesses who manage a large number of logistic fleets understand that one of the biggest pains in the industry is the high cost of unoptimized route plans, especially in Indonesia with a wide area to serve and huge numbers of field agents consequently. This is where Route Management System (RMS) comes in handy. 

As SaaS (software as a service), Route Management System is a SaaS that will ease up your supply chain management. First, it pairs the cluster of customers with field agents who cover that area, then it generates daily route plan for the field agents to follow through. 

Advotics Route Management System does not only automatically generate the most recommended route, it also works under customizable parameters, such as dynamic visiting hours, total working hours, customer priority, and more. This sales force automation will streamline your process to achieve the most efficient route planning.


Who Is It For?

If you are brand owners, importers, distributors, retailers, or any companies who deploy a large number of people or fleets every single day, using a sales force automation will be a huge benefit for your constantly expanding business. Advotics Route Management System has proven to help some multinational FMCG companies in Indonesia in producing and dispatching daily route plans all over the country.

One of our FMCG clients used to spend 1-2 days to plan out a single month schedule for their field agents. In total, they have spent approximately 30 days in a year to create a monthly route planning. This time can be slashed to less than an hour by using Advotics Route Management System.

3 Benefits of Using Advotics Route Management System

1. Reduce Time and Resources in Planning Routes

With a wide area to cover, hundreds of clients to serve, and a massive numbers of field agents in charge of sales and distribution activities, it’s crucial for companies to automate route planning.

Fast-growing businesses need to generate the best route plan to maximize their visit with the least amount of traveling time.

Advotics Route Management System is able to analyze, recommend and generate the best route plan out of millions of possibilities. This will not only reduce time but also resources.

Also, even with a small team, oftentimes, it’s hard to visually imagine your field agents’ location without a clean map dashboard. Advotics Route Management System helps you to visualize your field agents’ route assignment on an interactive map. An orderly visualization can assure the management that they have produced the most efficient route distribution and plan.

2. Customizable Parameters

Other than generating the best route with the least amount of traveling time, Advotics Route Management System is able to work with customizable parameters. Parameters are constraints and/or optimization that needs to be taken to consider when generating a route plan. For example, companies can prioritize certain clients based on their level of generated order, level of attention, and preferred visit time. 

This optimization will create a dynamic visit duration and frequency, which will directly affect the field agent’s schedule. Constraint parameters consist of field agents’ working hours, their preferred shifts, leave schedules, holidays, and more.

3. Balancing Algorithm and Human Judgment

Given Advotic’s extensive experience in the service industry, we understand the importance of balancing digital calculation with human judgment. Our Route Management System is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It allows the supervisors and management team to fine-tune the generated route plan with just a drag and drop feature. This flexibility is crucial as it provides flexibility while also making sure that the automatic route plan doesn’t exceed its parameters before it got finalized.

Other than accessing through the dashboard, finalized route plans can be downloaded as CSV files or send out immediately to the field agents’ mobile app if the company integrates Advotics Route Management System dashboard with Advotics workforce mobile app. Advotics mobile app is able to GPS track and monitor field agents, as well as collecting data for in-store activities (taking sales order, field surveys, etc).

Ready to expand and digitize your field team? Get in touch with us to find out more about Advotics Route Management System and start your free trial now!

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