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Scheduling field technician is an intricate process. Company wants to serve the clients in the most efficient way to manage their after sales service quality. Dispatching the most suitable technician is also critical because every technician have a different set of skills as well as equipment and their availability.

Dispatching the Wrong Technician

Technicians are skilled workers who are proficient in their specialization. Depending on their capability, technicians duties may vary. For example, working in the construction industry, technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical wiring. Working in IT, technicians are responsible for troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining facility equipment.

Technicians may work independently or under the direction of a principal company. If they are working under a principal company, information is being passed from clients to technicians through the principal company. However, this information flow is often inefficient, prone to human error and lack of transparency.

Certain tasks require specific technician and equipment. What ends up happening on the field is technicians being sent out to clients with little to no prior knowledge of the task. There are also issues with lack of communication transparency with clients. On one hand, client thought that the HQ has a very slow response regarding their service request, however, what is actually happening was there are currently no available technician for that specific client. If the clients aren’t happy with the service, principal companies may lose their clients. This is why dispatching the wrong technician will be costly.


Today’s supply chain industry is driven by complex challenges and demands. Advotics offers solutions from digitalizing the production line for the most efficient way to store your product, ensuring the sales and distribution down to the final layer (end consumer), while also developing the right business analytics for your business strategy.

Advotics enable supervisor to assign the most suited technician for the job. It’s designed to optimize resources while also considers the technician’s skill types, current locations, and other factors.

How it Works

Field agents, who routinely visit client’s location will request a service task through their AdvoWork mobile app. Then our platform enable supervisor to dispatch technicians to work on the task. Technicians will receive all the task information through their AdvoWork mobile app, including the route management system time slot, and all the service request description they need to work on it. For supervisors, they can now easily see real time updates of task’s progress. Such as which tasks need to be assigned, have been assigned, finished tasks, etc. This will ease up supervisors workload if they need to make sudden changes.

With AdvoWork, rotating/switching technicians wouldn’t be a problem anymore. New technicians can easily take over since all the information they needed is all in their Advotics mobile app.

Integrating with AdvoMarketing

Instead of waiting for field agents to file up maintenance request, clients, who already integrate their AdvoWork with AdvoMarketing, will have the ability to request service task and check for status update themselves. From when the task is being reviewed, waiting for assigned technician, up until the task is done. As a result, the quality and efficiency of the company’s after sales service can be improved and maintained. 

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