Top Tips to Be a Successful as Sales Canvasser in Digital World


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Sales canvasser can be defined as people who convince potential buyers into purchasing your products without prior appointment. With so many ways to reach customers, door to door canvassing may seem outdated in the year 2020. However, with the right strategy, it can be an effective and tremendous way to get your product out there.

Sales Canvasser Main Responsibilities

Like any other field agents, sales canvasser are not tethered to their desks 9 to 5. They shuffle between traveling, meeting prospects, pitching, delivering, and doing extensive administration tasks on-the-go, such as taking orders, generating invoices, collecting payments and other reports.

Top Tips :

1. Identify Target Market

Knowing exactly who you’re targeting makes everything a whole lot easier. It’s important to look at what you’re offering and how that will help your customers solve their problems. You need to convince them in a way that resonates with their needs, by then, you might be able to hone your products to better fit what your customer wants.

For example, you can start by listing out the main features of your products and highlights the benefits of each of them. Then, start thinking about who those benefits will help. Slowly but surely you are creating a detailed customer persona. As a result, you will be able to attract more potential customers rather than if you simply tried to target everyone.

Sales canvasser taking sales order

2. Automate Data Input

For a motivated sales team, there is nothing more frustrating than to be drowning in administration work. Why? Because it keeps them out on the streets thus hindering them to engage in more prospective customers. This is where sales software solutions can help them to be more productive.

Sales Order

The key to success with software is to make it easy to use for its users, in this case, the sales canvassers who are always on the go. Software such as Advotics Distribution Management System automates a lot of work that canvassers previously had to manually do. This proven approach will transform the paper-heavy tasks into a modern and cost-saving process. All encrypted data such as sales orders, invoices, payments, and other reports are securely uploaded to the cloud and printable on the spot if needed. Mostly used for sales order and invoices, the software is integrated with a portable bluetooth printer so canvasser can print on-the-go.

Review Sales Order
Bluetooth Printer

3. Persistence Matters

Canvassing is basically cold calling in person, which is why the most important thing to remember is persistence. It may look like a thin line between annoying and aggravating but persistence shows the customer the dedication and motivation of you and your company, in working with them.

Customers have their reasons to reject your initial proposal, they might not need it yet, haven’t had the budget, or simply not interested. If your first initial contact doesn’t seem to work, there are numerous ways to stay in contact with them. You can drop in again in person, send an email, a phone call or through a referral. You should maintain a good relationship with them but be sure not to overdo it.

Never let the few refusals prevent you from pursuing your goal. Great sales opportunities are plenty and its success takes nothing less than motivation, good strategies, reliable tools, and persistence.
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