Why Purchasing SaaS is Better for Your Company?

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So you’ve heard about SaaS or even supply chain solutions, do you know what is it about really? “According to The Cisco Global Cloud Index Forecast, by 2021 94% of all workloads and compute instances will be processed in cloud data centers and 75% of them will be SaaS.”

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So What Is It Exactly?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a cloud based software. Access is solely online and all employees will have personalized logins, suitable to their access level. The software run on provider’s servers thus freeing you from managing complex software.

Avoiding Major IT Spending

Typically, SaaS billing scheme is monthly, yearly or contract subscription basis. It has no upfront software cost because you don’t have to buy hardware, install, and maintain the software. Everything is included in one predictable fee and you essentially only pay for what you need.

SaaS offers more financial flexibility. For example, with a supply chain solutions, when a company wants to do a pilot project in a certain area, it will be the best system to use because the costs are based on actual usage and numbers of users. This would avoid the company from spending a huge amount on IT development on a pilot project. SaaS would also scale up with your growing business when the company decides to do a national roll-off.

Faster Roll-Out

If your company is in urgency for solution deployment, consider using SaaS. The simplicity of adoption and deployment rates are higher than traditional software because all you need is an internet connection.

Traditionally, implementing a new system to a company typically spends at least months from starting the project to production go-live. There is also development delay time that most software houses need. Whereas with SaaS, development time is shorter because the products are always ready to use in the market. As long as the devices are connected to the internet, SaaS is also constantly updating. This ensures customers for the latest features and faster systems. SaaS shortens the development delivery time thus frees up managers to focus on core business.

Reliability and Security

Since its infrastructure is hosted in a cloud, the software is always online. This solution is a huge advantage for companies who manage most of their employees remotely.

One of the biggest concerns that you’ll hear from prospecting customers about SaaS would be data security. However, in actuality traditional systems are more vulnerable than cloud based systems. In 2018, the 60% of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures.

Examples of SaaS:

There are many business applications you can improve within your company. It could be a payroll system, CRM, marketing gamification, and more. Advotics specialized in end to end supply chain solutions. We help companies with our supply chain solutions from identifying and tracking products within the warehouse (WMS) to POS, route management system and advocate relationship management. 

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