Obsolete Sales Strategies You Should Stop Doing

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Obsolete Sales Strategies You Should Stop Doing

The market has been changing over the years. The ecosystem & customers have changed so the top salesmen have been changing with them. These days, there are a couple of outdated strategies you should consider updating.

1. Trying to Cater Everyone

Outdated tactics involved casting a very wide net and trying to catch as many prospects as you can. Today’s market is highly targeted and personalized. So, stop wasting your resources by treating all customers the same.

Instead, try strengthening your customer relationship with the 80/20 rule. Meaning that roughly 20% of your customers will be producing 80% of your business revenue. From setting up exclusive samples, pricing tiers, trade marketing programs, and other types of loyalty programs.

2. One-way Approach

Speaking of personalized markets, now we have the tools for two way communication instead of one! In the past, you may need to rely on printed catalogue or announcement to reach your customer. Meanwhile now, with more advanced technology, to better understand the changing customer needs, we should facilitate clients with a two-way communication platform for inputs, feedback or other requests.

For loyal existing clients, consider equipping them with a self-service mobile application. Your customers would have the ability to fill up sales orders and maintenance requests themselves instead of waiting for your agents to visit or contact them for a new purchase.

3. Relying Only on The Hustle Culture

Constantly grinding your salesmen will not be sustainable. It’s important to have a balance of working hard and a healthy mind. In this day and age, there are plenty of tools that you can implement to help them increase their workflow speed.

For data collection you can try a workforce management system, to improve your salesmen’s route planning you can try route management system, or to help your operator in storing products in warehouses you can try warehouse management system. This way, your field workforce can spend less time on mundane tasks and help you in ground-level business strategy.

Be flexible, engaging and helpful. Stop using these outdated sales tactics today, and you’ll watch your sales increase.

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