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Manufacturing and distribution companies often have sales canvassers who go directly to the field to offer company products with an outright sale system. 

Sales canvasser vs sales staff

Just like any sales staff, sales canvasser meets prospects, offers, delivers products and performs various administration during store visits.From receiving and sending orders, creating invoices, collecting payments and other reports. However, sales canvasser sells the company’s products directly to customers by bringing the products in hand. So that customers can buy and get the product directly, along with proof of purchase. No payment terms need to be offered.

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What is the purpose of digitizing a sales canvasser with a mobile app?

Offering products with paper brochures, using paper invoice proofs, and other manual processes will look out of date. Not to mention if there is an input error or lost proof of a transaction due to manual processing in front of the client. All of this can be prevented by using data input automation software such as a mobile application.

Application can streamline sales canvassers’ administrative tasks, thus increasing their interaction with more potential customers. By digitizing data, sales canvassers can be more productive, their activity records are more accurate, and they can also monitor their own achievement targets through the same mobile application.

In addition, the application can also assist supervisors and management in seeing the stock level of goods at all warehouse locations as well as at sales canvassers’ mobile storage. The system aims to eliminate errors that often occur with manual systems such as remaining stock at the end of the day that does not match the data on goods sold, consumer locations that are not recorded so that they cannot be revisited, etc.

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Advotics DMS for sales canvassers

The canvasser module in Advotics Distribution Management System (DMS) can be used to accommodate canvass sales. Sales canvassers can access the system via the mobile application, while supervisors and management can access it via a web browser. 

    1. Application for sales canvassers

Sales canvassers can make product orders directly from their mobile application, according to the items the customer wants to buy. Orders can be reviewed with the proof printed on the spot to be handed over to the customer. The mobile device can be equipped with a mobile bluetooth printer to print invoices. Stock of goods will decrease according to the successful sale. Canvasser can also check their sales performance with daily, weekly, or monthly targets directly in the same app.

    1. Web dashboard for supervisors and management

The web portal is used for management and supervisors who monitor Sales Canvasser performance. They can access stock assignment and monitor the remaining stock that has not been sold in the Inventory tab. The remaining stock data is always updated in real time.

inventory dashboard

In addition to inventory information, supervisors and management can also access Sales Orders and Invoices created by Sales Canvassers in the field through the Order Fulfillment tab. At the end of the day or week, the total invoice can be matched with the payment amount received from the Sales Canvasser.

order to fulfil dms

Customer data, especially store names, along with their locations can be collected for future visits. This can be further analyzed in the purchase history, if you want to be converted into customers who pay with term. Activity reports and insights data can also be exported and downloaded in PDF format for sales canvassers performance review.

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