Effective Expansion Advice for Business Owners in 2020


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These days, most businesses who started on the internet are trying to do an expansion. With a variety of marketplaces, it’s very easy for businesses to put products into the market. From clothes, cosmetics, to packaged goods of food and drinks, the success of selling products through marketplaces drives business owners to start thinking about selling their products offline such as distributing its product to new territories of physical stores and shelves. 

All businesses have the ambition to become bigger, this is no different from a business owners wanting to expand to new territories. However, in most cases, scaling up involves more than just boosting up sales. This article will cover 3 of the most important pieces of advice you should read before embarking on your business expansion. 

Expansion Hiring & Managing More Salesmen

The idea is to sell your existing products to a whole new customers in a different location from where you currently operate. Whether it’s across town or province, the expansion will likely involve hiring field salesmen. 

If you are still sell your products online, you may currently handle your own sales orders, but with expansion in mind, you should start to think about hiring field salesmen. They can help you to promote products to new stores, retailers, and wholesalers, from filing sales orders and collecting invoices, to inventories. 

If you micromanage your salesmen, the task will end up hindering you from doing what’s important. That’s why Advotics have designed our system to minimize any data tampering from any employee. 


Our live tracking dashboard enables managers to monitor field agents on a real-time basis so they don’t have to wait until the end of the day to see all the reports. Our design-friendly mobile application allows salesmen to digitally input all trade activities thus eliminating the time-consuming manual data entry. 

Clean Up Your Data

Before you expand your stocks and distributions, it’s wise to clean up your current infrastructure. Make sure all your sales orders, customer data, invoices, order delivery, and inventory are all stored and categorized in a clean space. 

Advotics’ Advowork upload all input data into the cloud, salesmen just have to file in the data once at the store and everything is synchronized in real-time. By being automated, salesmen can significantly reduce their time manually doing data entry. 

The head office team don’t have to wait for salesmen to get back to the office to process the sales order because the data sync up in real-time to all connected devices. The time taken to get an order out has been increasingly reduced and also ensures faster efficient deliveries.

Automate Your Business By Improving Your Technological Infrastructure

Another way to increase delivery to the market is to automate certain tasks by leveraging the latest technology. There are multiple tools at your disposal that allow you to automate your process. 

A workforce management system can streamline your data input by capturing, storing and analyzing your data while verifying the accuracy. There are also sales order automation, route planning, and geo-tagging as well as store visit data collection for salesmen. 


Automation will help you to run your company more smoothly. A proper logistics system can help businesses to optimize shipment costs, delivery lead times and predict delivery shipment volumes over a while. 

Why SaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) uses cloud storage to hold its infrastructure. For a small business, this has an advantage over the other because they take no up-front cost, no IT staff needed to run it daily and it gives the business access to the technologically advanced system that big corporation also uses. 

SaaS also allows business owners to have more flexibility. With cloud storage, it can securely hold and back up as much data as needed and they can ramp up the number of users at each stage of growth. So, there is no big pressure in investing in a system. 

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