Day in Life of a Field Agent

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A lot has changed from the time Andi, a field agent, started 10 years ago. In the days before software, field agents mark out their course manually and following it by looking at the map. While now, everything that he do is connected, thanks to cloud!

06.30  –  Andi usually wakes up early. He prefers nasi goreng for his breakfast. 

07.00  –  When Andi gets out of the door, he logs in through his mobile app which tells him exactly which route to take and how many client sites he needs to visit for the day.

07.30  –  The first client Andi visit today is a busy mini convenience store near an MRT station. The client prefers Andi’s visit in the early morning because they need to anticipate for the morning rush hour.  

10.00  –  While Andi is checking the second client’s inventory level, he notices that one of the display TV is broken. He quickly gets into his mobile app to file maintenance.

12.00  –  For his lunch, Andi mostly finds a warteg near his next client site. He prefers to do this to anticipate the client’s last-minute urgency. 

13.00  –  Andi is right. While he’s munching on his third bakwans, he receives a notification that his client needs him on-site immediately.

. . .

13.15  –  Andi’s third client on-boarded 2 days ago and they’re still nervous about the new system. Andi knows this information from his app, that’s why before he got to the client site he already knows that this particular client needs extra attention.

13.45  –  After Andi finishes off with the third client, Andi received a notification that his filed maintenance request for the broken TV has already been fixed by a technician field agent. 

15.45  –  While on his way to the next client, Andi finds out that his next client cancels his visit. He then gets redirected to a different one.

16.30  –  After reporting the competition’s promotion from his last visit, Andi quickly finishes off his remaining reports of the day, checking last minute messages and review his logs.  Andi doesn’t have to go to the office because he can log out and submit his daily reports to the HQ straight from the app.

17.00  –  At the end of the day Andi settles in for a big bowl mi ayam. 

As a field agent, Andi needs to be quick on his feet. To ease his workflows, software such as Advotics helps to organize his reports despite the constant shift of plans around him. 

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