How to Effectively Run Promotion Campaign for Your Stores


How to Effectively Run Promotion Campaign for Your Stores

Targeted discounts have been proven more beneficial than uniform ones. Companies can determine which specific area they want to push, which slow-moving stocks they need to quickly sell, how long the promotion lasts, etc.
However, even with general terms, conducting the trade promotion itself already has some challenges…
This could be even worse in the targeted one. How do we decide which city/province that requires promotion to boost transactions? Which segment of customer? Which product?
Find the steps below.

1. Strategize your program target

To plan correctly, you need to understand which customer segment or product type you need to focus more in your promotion program. From understanding types of promotion that suit your brand, which products need to be discounted, target demographic, and validity period.

Product insight analysis and geo analytics can give you information regarding which products/areas are currently low in performance and can be improved with promotion.
Your sales data is still too messy to be analyzed? It’s not too late to adopt a Distribution Management System.

2. Execute with advanced tools

Executing the plan is crucial, one mishap can throw off your whole customer experience. This is why it’s important to support it with marketing tools to keep customer retention.
    • Direct Promotion Embedding

          Salesman can seamlessly input orders and apply the promotion directly through the app
    • Retailer loyalty program

          Motivate seller to promote products with loyalty point

3. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and more opportunities with a powerful analytic tool

See the results of your promotion execution to determine the success of that promotional program.

Still lower than the sales target that you envision? Don’t worry, if the program is still running, you can always adjust the terms again. If it’s already ended, you can learn from the insights to prepare for future programs better. 

Ensure your system allows you to conduct the steps above automatically.
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