Benefits of Geo Analytics for Sales Managers

Benefits of Geo Analytics for Sales Managers


Geo Analytics is important for companies operating over a large geographic area. Consumer behaviors, product preferences, and buying power can vary between cities/areas. This diversity can be seen from data on product sales, sales orders, transactions, customers, etc., which are all visualized in Geo Analytics.

Why is it necessary?

Traditional analytical data such as graphs, lists, charts, and other table formats can provide actionable insights, however, companies often struggle to relate this data to its location.

Meanwhile, the majority of distribution strategies are implemented based on geographic areas, for example, assignment of sales teams, customer acquisition, and expansion of delivery areas. Therefore, geo analytics is a dashboard that connects geography with traditional analytical data results.

Advantages of Geo Analytics

1. Optimizing the sales of an area

The results of the analysis can help the company in understanding which areas are performing well or not and also in which areas have the highest sales growth. This data can help develop sales strategies and tactics to increase sales in areas of deficiency, and analyze what needs to be improved for sales in an already stable area.

Visual mapping helps companies break down store sales performance by region and compare results with competitors in the same area. In addition, the system can also help monitor the behavior of customer buying patterns. This allows the company to predict the best time and location for sales and assess potential different locations for new stores.

2. Segmenting marketing by area

Analysis can be used to drive product marketing segmentation based on demographics. This can assist companies in designing promotional programs, campaigns, and setting more dynamic pricing to target new customers and retention of existing customers in certain areas.

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Advotics Geo Analytics

Especially for distribution and logistics companies, geographic data can be more actionable when viewed in heatmaps than rows or columns charts in excel tables. The system can analyze and visualize demographic analytics efficiently. Visualization of a distributor’s sales activity can be the number of sales orders or the number of transactions.

    • Advotics Geo Analytics in the Distribution Management System (DMS): knows all sales activity reported by the distributor.
    • Advotics Geo Analytics at Production Distribution Management (PDM): find out the last location of the product during its circulation.

Whether it’s used to optimize product sales, segmented marketing, and sales tactics by region, geo analytics can help businesses to make better decisions.

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