Day in Life of a Supervisor

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As an operations supervisor, Anne makes sure everyone is in the right place. She needs to anticipate consequences while in charge of various aspects of the business.

08.00  –  A typical day starts with getting a cup of coffee from the pantry and greet everyone at the office.

08.15  –  The first thing that Anne does when she log-in into her dashboard is making sure that every single field agents are active on their mobile app.

08.45  –  A meeting to recap the status of each project as well as a discussion of any new problem to better strategize the team.

10.15  –  Andi, one of the field agent, send a maintenance request for one of his clients. After running it to the system, the dashboard comes up with 3 available technicians with the right skills. All Anne needs to do is deploy them straight from her dashboard field technician features.

13.00  –  Since all field agents’ reports are synchronized in real-time, Anne can review it right away. She doesn’t need to wait for them to compile it at the end of the day.

14.30  –  While she’s reviewing past reports, Anne received a phone call that one of the field agents needs to take emergency leave for the rest of the day. Anne quickly views her part-timers’ schedule to see which one is available. Since all the information they need is available in the cloud, all Anne has to do is transferring it to the new field agent’s account and they will be able to take over the job right away. 

15.00  –  Once a month, Anne and other supervisor will generate a route plan for field agents, technicians, and other operators. With a route management system, it only takes a few minutes to generate it so all Anne has to do is double-checking the route and a few tweaks.

16.30  –  With the mobile app, field agents can clock out for the day remotely while all reports are being uploaded to the cloud. This way, Anne can compile it immediately.

17.00  –  After compiling the reports of the day, Anne usually checks the sales figure to see how the team is doing against their targets.

To ease her workflows, software such as Advotics helps to organize supervisor team’s reports despite the constant shift of plans around her.

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