Guide: How to Convince Your Colleagues to Purchase Advocate Relationship Management


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Advocate Relationship Management (ARM)

It is a B2B CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SaaS (Software as a Service) for distributors/principals to be able to accommodate clients and shop owners so they can order products and services through their own mobile application (self-service order). All data will be sent automatically so that the distributor/principal can follow it up in real time. 

In addition to ordering products and services independently, other excellent features of ARM are:

Documentation = reports of activities in each store, such as display products on the shelf (planogram), as well as display promotional campaigns in the store (banners, posters, etc.), so that the company can monitor all activities in the market..

Market information = to assist companies in monitoring market prices and stock levels of principal’s and competitor’s products. This data can also assist managers in predicting product demand in an area.

Loyalty program = to strengthen relationships with shop owners, the company provides incentives to motivate stores in selling their products. 

Community = in addition to incentives, forums can also strengthen relationships and accelerate the flow of information (promotions, news, etc.) from the head office to each shop owners.

Excellence of Advocate Relationship Management features

I. Strengthen business performances

Whenever a company invests in new resources, the company’s management wants to know what is the immediate impact on the business. Advotics’ Advocate Relationship Management presents benefits for each type of business focus: whether for resource optimization or business expansion.

a. Resource optimization

When clients can make their own orders and document market data independently, visits from field workers (eg. salesmen or merchandisers) can be reduced. Enjoy a cost reduction of up to 90% with digitalization! Field workers now can shift their focus to onboarding stores into the ARM application or acquiring new stores. 

b. Business expansion

With Advotics’ Advocate Relationship Management, customer coverage can be increased up to 50%. New clients whose locations are difficult to acquire with existing field workers, can now directly interact with companies through the mobile application.

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The SaaS system can help managers make faster and more accurate decisions when they detect changes in purchasing patterns that need to be addressed immediately. With a cloud-based system, users can take their business anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

c. Faster roll-out and adoption

Unlike other systems that generally spend a long delay in development, Advotics system is always ready for use in the market. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the application also continues to update itself to the newest version. This ensures store owners and clients to get the latest features with a faster system.

d. Reliability and security

Advotics holds the ISO 27001 certification in Data Security and is a trusted partner of Amazon Web Services. 

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Alternative Ways in Managing Salesmen

II. Direct-communication with shop owners

a. Simplify purchase transactions

With the new system, shop owners are no longer only relying on salesmen or PICs who visit the store to place their orders. Direct communication allows shop owners to escalate directly to producers or distributors. This way, the Advocate Relationship Management will speed up the process of shipping goods and maintenance/service requests.

b. Strengthen relationship and speed up information flow

If your relationship with the store owners is better than your competitors, store owners’ motivation of recommending your product will be even greater. 

By using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to connect with clients directly, you can now spread information faster. For example, new loyalty programs, new promotions, and others. 

All users, clients as well as distributors and principals, are able to access and update documents from anywhere and at any time. Data only needs to be entered once because it is synchronized in real-time to all connected devices. Collected data can produce business analytics and market info, such as inventory stock, pricing in the market, planogram/product display in stores, etc.

c. Branding

By endorsing the Advocate Relationship Management system to store owners, principals can place their branding in stores’ apps. From logos, digital banners, push notifications, help center tutorials, news, to community forums. Endorsement is more effective than advertising in general because it is more personal. Not only can principals push products to market faster, they can also build more personal relationships with store owners.

III. Loyalty Program

To motivate shop owners to keep promoting your product and actively use Advotics mobile application, principals or distributors can offer incentives such as loyalty points and discount vouchers in exchange for activities recorded in the application. Store owners can earn points every time they place an order, capture proof of purchase, scan the product, or sell products to end customers.  By using Advocate Relationship Management, companies no longer have to use paper coupons and other manual systems. Store owners can now exchange their loyalty points with electronic vouchers, prepaid cellular vouchers, etc. 

Company managers and supervisors can easily manage, control and monitor various promotional campaigns at the same time. Personalized marketing campaigns can be adjusted based on the time and location of stores, a variety of distribution strategies that are ready to use (off-the-shelves) and can be arranged in real-time. 

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IV. Point of Sales (POS)

Aiming to find out more accurate metrics about products sold to end customers, Advotics build a POS system for shop owners, which can be an additional function in Advocate Relationship Management solution.  The principal sponsors a POS system for every store owner. The system will record transaction data and automatically update the stock level of goods in the store.

Manufacturers can now obtain data from shop owners directly. Starting from stock level of goods in each store, product market prices, to competitor data (POS Advotics system allows the cashier to scan or select all products purchased by type or SKU in the store, including competing products).  

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