3 Ways to Capitalize on New Technologies to Improve the Customer Retention


3 Ways to Capitalize on New Technologies to Improve the Customer Retention

While there’s a certain excitement of getting new customers, keeping current customers to keep coming back can result in greater ROI, with 25 times less cost. Customer retention does not only boost revenue, but also increases your brand value.

We’ve broken down 3 programs that the biggest brands in the world today are currently using to drive customer loyalty.

1. Promotional campaign for store network

If store owners get incentives by selling your products, they will be more motivated to be more active in recommending and promoting your products to end-consumers over competitors’ products.

Once executed, data generated from a promotion execution can be very useful for the sales and marketing team to create strategies in accordance with the needs and behavior of consumers in the market, while at the same time also maintaining good and consistent branding.
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2. Building an online community between your client networks

The community forum is aimed to facilitate and encourage your customers or store owners to interact with one another, in addition to interacting with your company. The platform can also provide further instructions for customers to quickly and easily find answers for their problems independently, without having to contact the company’s support team or the field team for assistance.

Other than strengthening relationships, online community forums can be a new alternative channel to launch new products and news to loyal customers, reducing the pressure off the support team, and receiving real feedback directly from customers.
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3. Creating a loyalty programs for product advocates

Endorsement from someone trusted can encourage consumers to buy products. McKinsey research showed that to reach B2B customers 76% found it helpful to speak to a salesperson (including product advocates). Which is why incentivizing them would increase the possibility of building end-customers’ loyalty, increase sales, or even business expansion.
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