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Customer service is a continuous process as it never stops until your customers stop buying and using your product. The community platform/forum is an innovative solution that is very profitable, especially for B2B (Business to Business) companies where client relationships are very important. If you are a manufacturer or distributor of products in Indonesia, you probably have a quite massive network of stores which are scattered in various areas. With the large number of stores and multiple stages of distribution can cause your relationship as a brand owner to become distant. Community platforms, news modules and tutorial forums can facilitate you in bringing closer relationships between producers, distributors, with stores & among store owners themselves. It is aimed to facilitate and encourage your customers or store owners to interact with one another, in addition to interacting with your company. Inadvertently, the platform has provided the instructions for customers to quickly and easily find answers for their problems. The process can be carried out independently, without having to contact the company’s support team or the field team for assistance.
  1. Support customer with better customer engagement

a.Strengthen relationships by increasing participation 

A community platform integrated into your retailer apps can increase user participation by connecting them and encouraging discussions.

b.An alternative channel to launch new products and news

The platform can become a new channel to inspire and introduce new products and share exclusive news.

c.Reduce the pressure on the support team or field team

With online forums, users tend to answer questions or search company FAQs. This means that customers can easily serve themselves on the forum without contacting the support team or customer service. If the forum is active with super users or expert users answering new customer questions, the community doesn’t only take the pressure off the support team, but also gives you valuable insights about your product (user’s best practices).

d.Exchange best practice feedback from customers directly

Best practices from users are what can inadvertently become the most transparent feedback from your customers because they are the ones who use your products every day.
  1. Make sure the community forum is easy to access and use

To allow customers to serve themselves, the community platform must be easy to access and to use. The tutorial content, tips and tricks have to be high quality so that customers from various backgrounds can easily understand it.
  1. Advotics B2B Community Platform

Advotics’ platform allows you to connect directly with your customers from: 
  • Incentivizing stores to be more active in discussion forums
  • Spread new product news and tutorials
  • Create a quiz to evaluate store owner’s understanding of the news or tutorial that is launched
  • Monitor customer interactions
  • Integration with loyalty point programs to motivate user participation through reward points

4.What topics can be discussed in community forums, news and quizzes?

Topics are customizable by your brand and store owners demographics, from:
  • New product launching
  • Gathering feedback from the market
  • Latest promotional program
  • Seasonal sales strategies sharing session, etc.
  1. Participation incentives with Loyalty Points

To motivate customers to be active in the Advotics community forum, you can offer incentives such as loyalty points and discount vouchers in exchange for activities carried out. Store owners can earn points every time they participate in forums and tutorials. For example, the first post on a community forum, filling out quizzes on news & tutorials, etc. Advotics Loyalty programs avoid the usage of paper coupons and other manual systems. Customers can redeem their loyalty points for electronic vouchers, prepaid mobile vouchers, etc.
Company managers and supervisors can easily manage, control, and monitor various promotional campaigns. Marketing campaign can be personalized based on time period and store location, with various distribution strategies that are ready to use (off-the-shelves) and can be set in real-time.
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