How to Quickly Evaluate Salesman Activities in the Field


How to Quickly Evaluate Salesman Activities in the Field

The dependence between departments in the supply chain is closely related. Therefore, if there are obstructed activities at a layer, the entire supply chain system will be delayed.

Sales supervisors in distribution companies are responsible for verifying and evaluating the activities or tasks of field sales. However, due to the large number and variety of documents (ranging from sales orders, service tickets, to planograms) and a large number of teams in the field, this verification process took a lot of time, which ultimately hampered the performance of the next process.

For example, if the sales order and service ticket requests are not immediately verified, the goods delivery and technicians dispatch will be delayed. The longer this process, the more dissatisfied the customer is with the company.

  1. Easier to collect data from the field

In a day, a salesman can visit 5 to a dozen shops. If the salesman still uses paper documents, apart from being prone to human error, transferring data when the salesman returns to the office also takes up a lot of time.

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Documentation Example - Planogram

2. Speed up supervisor verification

Integrated with the salesman application, all documents that have been uploaded from the field can be directly accessed by the supervisor without having to wait for the physical files to arrive at the office. Apart from real-time, software implementation also eliminates the very time-consuming process of transferring data from paper documents to the company’s management system. 

Supervisors can immediately evaluate salesman activities through the web portal from anywhere and at any time. Reviews can be done in a structured manner per staff and per store/customer visited. Supervisors can even immediately approve an activity even before salesmen end their day.

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