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Salesmen for construction companies work slightly in a different turf. With FMCG or other products, salesmen offer the principal’s products from store to store. While for construction companies, salesmen have to connect with, both the local retail stores and contractors in construction sites. Building materials and supplies are also more complex, each construction project depending on their building progress needs different materials and tools. 

What do Salesmen do at a Construction Project?

To help easing the contractor’s workload, there are field salesmen that take sales orders from sites to sites. These field salesmen are employed by the principal company to promote building materials/supplies to contractors in construction projects. 

Field salesmen handle a lot of paperwork from different projects. Not to mention each project has different needs, specifications, and timeline. These paper trails are complex and since it’s done manually, often the process becomes inefficient and prone to human error. Missing documents can not only be costly for salesmen but could also destroy the brand’s reputation, lose the contractor’s trust and may even halt the whole construction operations. 

Having accessibility and visibility to digitalize these documents would reduce errors, speed order processing, and help salesmen to increase their sales numbers. With AdvoWork Project Management Solution, salesmen can input and manage all sales orders through his mobile app. 

advowork project management 01
List of project sites for a salesmen

What does a Construction Project Management Solution Do? 

The goal of project management is to have visibility of project overview for all parties. So far, the principal has to heavily rely on salesmen to promote and manage a good relationship with the contractors. Even though salesmen are working for the principal, they still have to order the materials from the local distributor in each area. 

So, one of the biggest obstacles is the slow information flow. Having low transparency with each other means that, for example, if the principal has new products and new promotions to offer, it would take a long time for the information to get to the salesmen then finally to the contractors. 

Why should We Digitize Our Project Management Flow?

1. Project Information

All project information is stored in the cloud so that everyone with the right access can view it anytime and anywhere. Through the mobile app, salesmen can manage the person in charge (PIC) or contractor in charge, project location, transaction history, and more project descriptions.

2. Project Status Update

Field salesmen can update each construction project status through their mobile app. Principal can see which projects are active or inactive so that they can determine which products that salesmen should try to offer.

3. Market Information

Principal companies oftentimes don’t know how much their products price list are after it hits the market. Now, after the sales have been fulfilled, salesmen will capture transaction receipts from local stores to the cloud. Then through the web-platform, the principal company can now get market insights in real-time from all areas of distribution. 

advowork project management 02
Web-portal view for principal

4. Product Education

Construction materials, supplies, and tools are generally more complex than other products. This is why principal companies introduce new products to construction workers by conducting product education training. This training oftentimes is lead by the salesmen because they have close relationship with the construction project manager. Connected with the mobile app, now salesmen can input their reports and the principal can review it immediately.  

advowork project management 03
Product Education Report

With the right strategy, you can streamline your operations flow while maximizing your profits in no time. Now with a built-in project management module, Advotics’ Workforce Management System, are the perfect solution to help you grow your business. 

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