Product Return System Solution for Distributors


To increase customer satisfaction any company needs to facilitate returns and exchanges from its customers. The product return process starts from product returns submission by customers, assignments by supervisors, goods withdrawal by couriers or salesmen, return status monitoring, to items re-entering for products that are still in good condition back into the warehouse.


I. Why do customers return goods?

Items can be exchanged for several reasons. Store owners may be dissatisfied with orders, overstock, or products that are off-season. It is also possible that the goods have expired or have been damaged when received, so customers can ask for a replacement in the form of being exchanged for another item, repaired, or asking for money back.

II. The vulnerable product return process

For principals, retailers and distributors, product return is sometimes seen as a time-consuming and costly process, while at the same time has the potential to cause dissatisfaction for customers if it takes a long time to handle it. If not done properly, the restore process will be prone to fatal errors. If the product is lost or not recorded in the middle of the return process, the company will not only lose profit but also have to improve their relationship with the customer. However, many successful companies have realized that with an effective strategy, the product return process can bring several benefits and increase customer loyalty. One of them is by using the right system to handle this process.

III. Product return system solution

The system can reduce customer support work to coordinate the manual return and exchange process. The system also helps supervisors manage and track the status of goods by re-entering verified items back into the company’s inventory, as well as monitoring the financial impact of returning these items.

IV. Advotics Distribution Management System (DMS)

a. Application for Salesmen to Submit Return Requests

Salesmen can submit returns with the DMS mobile application. In the submission module, the salesman can fill in information from the product description (name, category, number of products, photo proof if the item is damaged, unsold or expired), select the type of return, to the method of returning the goods.

b. Web Dashboard for Supervisors to Monitor The Return Status

After the salesman submits the goods, the supervisor can decide whether to accept or reject the return. After that, they can assign a courier to pick up the goods and return them to the company warehouse. The courier also accepts assignments via the mobile application and documents the process. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the operator can verify the number of goods before updating the return status to be accepted, as well as sorting the goods based on their condition (still acceptable for resale or not).
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