Spend More Time on Strategy Forming and Less on Data Crunching


Spend More Time on Strategy Forming and Less on Data Crunching

Virtual meeting room – Monday morning
Monthly sales review in PT XYZ

CEO: Why can’t I find this month’s report.

Manager 1: Because the data is not complete yet. Our sales team is currently still waiting for data from our distributors. We also found two different numbers for the same metric. So we’re trying to cross-check every report we collected so far.

CEO: When can I expect it to be in my inbox?

Manager 2: Depends on our distributors … and then we need to process it for another 3 days 

CEO: … 🤦‍♂️

Does this conversation sound familiar? Does it happen in your company every month? 

It’s time to change it, with a brand new digital dashboard!


Dashboard is a management tool that visually displays your company data. It helps you to monitor and analyze a company’s performance, as it tracks all analytics from various data sources. 

Dashboard design needs to be aligned with the industry best practice so that supervisors and management can:

  • see and understand data in the shortest amount of time 
  • display the most important and critical business performance
  • combine information from various data sources from internal and external (distributors, stores, etc) on real-time basis

All Advotics products are equipped with tables and various interactive graphs for easy understanding & visualizations. The ready-to-use dashboard and customizable reports are specifically designed for management in principals/manufacturing companies, distributors, and service companies.

These features are designed to assist management and supervisors in making quick decisions, setting future targets, and understanding critical situations on the ground and how they have to improve the situation.

All analytics (dashboard and report) in the Advotics web portal can also be exported and saved in csv and pdf formats. You can also customize your data field on your own, so that you can play around more with the data offline.

Advotics is industry leading SaaS where our analytics makes exploring data and insights as seamless as possible. 

Strategize the way you manage your business with our built-in analytics features!

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