Lead Management 101: Effective Lead Closing Techniques


Lead Management 101: Effective Lead Closing Techniques

1. Lead Generation/Capturing

The first step is to get prospect contacts from the results of marketing campaigns and outbound approaches. Information such as PIC name, location, phone numbers, company name, can help the sales team understand prospects’ needs and pain points so they can personalize sales strategies to influence them to buy the product.

Now, as companies get a high number of prospect contacts, it’s not realistic to keep entering contact data manually. A good lead management system can ensure that every incoming lead is automatically inputted into the CRM system to prevent loss.

2. Lead Qualification

Once collected, the sales team will prioritize tasks and contact the most relevant prospects first. If you use a lead management system, prospects can be prioritized automatically based on their potential lifetime value (who will remain loyal in the future), their total net profit, level of interest, and other lead qualification requirements. Thus, saving a lot of time and energy for the sales team.

3. Lead Distribution

Once the prospect has passed the qualifications and is ready to be offered, identify which salesperson should follow up with the sales process.

4. Lead Nurturing

Prospects who are contacted must be given education and demonstration about the value and advantages of the product/service. This process can help convince prospects to make a purchase. The sooner salespeople contact prospects, the more likely they are to buy the product.

However, not all prospects are ready to buy. Many are still in the stage of figuring out what solutions and products can help with their pain points. By using the Advotics Lead management system, prospects that have not been won at this time can be archived so that they can be contacted again in the future.

5. Lead Analytics

Advotics system can analyze sales funnels from various leads that are currently in prospects. With this, the sales management and supervisors can check the successful sales conversions and analyze the best sales strategy to be implemented. Management can also estimate the potential income in the next period based on the prospected project value.  

Benefits for Manufacturer & Distributor with Multi-Channel Sales

Additional benefits will be obtained for Principals/Producers and Distributors who use Advotics Lead Management for their industry sales and Advotics Sales Orders for their field sales teams. Users can enter a list of products that apply to both channels at once with different price levels and discounts. When there are sales from industry channels or stores, the remaining stock will decrease automatically.

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