Handling Multiple Sales Channels (Omnichannel) for Principal and Distributor


Handling Multiple Sales Channels (Omnichannel) for Principal and Distributor

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Is a sales and marketing strategy where the goal is to reach more customer segments through sales visit, online presence, calls, resellers, self-service application, and more.

Benefit of Having a Multichannel Sales

  • Improve customer loyalty with seamless buying experience
  • Gain new opportunities by exposing new channels to untapped markets

To handle all these channels and to maximise its revenue, brands need an integrated management system that optimizes workflows. With the right tool, in the long run, brands can cut down operational costs and gain significant revenue from it.

How to Manage Your Omnichannel with Advotics


4 Solutions to Help you Reach Your Customers Better

1. Sales Order Automation

Help brands collect, verify, and pass the sales order request straight to sales admin or warehouse operators to fulfill the orders.

2. Lead Management System

Since sales cycles to obtain contracts from distributors and industrial clients are long, leads need to be nurtured first. This system can handle and track lead progress in a pipeline where there are action items, revenue potential, and contact person or decision-maker information.

3. Project Management System

To reach product advocates who work with instead of for your brand, you can use this module to help you manage their database and performance.

4. Self-Service Ordering System

For loyal customers, brands can assist them with a self-service app so they can order products themselves.

Advotics integrated platform helps you to reach more customers and improve your revenue whilst keep operating cost low

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