Let’s Emerge from This Crisis with Digital Advancements

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Let’s Emerge from This Crisis with Digital Advancements

Hope you are reading this in healthy and safe condition.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an economic and social hit to all of us. To support businesses during this unprecedented time, Advotics cloud features can help you to comply with social distancing protocol. Also, together with leading peer-to-peer lending partners, we have launched a supply chain financing for our users.

Did You Know? Coronavirus Could Also Trigger Digitalization

In times where people are socially distancing and working from home, digital transformation becomes more crucial than ever before.

SaaS like Advotics, can help businesses to keep running their supply chain networks, even in a pandemic condition. We are helping our clients in obtaining visibility of consumer’s demand, stock level, and market price on a real-time basis. Furthermore, we also help companies in performing business operations, managing logistics, and optimizing cost. Cloud solutions would also improve the speed, accuracy, and capabilities in anticipating risk, that is very important in current situations.

Digital Remote Features to Facilitate Social Distancing and WFH Protocol

1. Visitless sales order

Salesmen can still process sales orders from shop owners without any physical visit to stores.

2. Visitless work reports

All employees’ activities and productivities can also be captured directly from the mobile app to the web portal, so that supervisors can continue to monitor the business without going to the office.

3. Real-time dashboard

Management can also leverage data from the web-based dashboard to produce actionable insights, predict market behavior, and anticipate risk.

4. Self-service sales order

Available on mobile apps for store owners to use. Sales order can be processed immediately without any physical visit from salesmen.

Trusted Financing Partners

We understand that in these current situations, a lot of businesses will have delayed income/cash flow. Without sufficient funds there would be lagged transactions in the whole supply chain network, be it in distributors or retailers level.

Supply Chain Financing is our latest joint partnership with 3 leading peer-to-peer lending partners who are registered, licensed, & monitored by OJK. Instead of physical asset collateral, our financing partners can assess the applicants’ credit risk using historical transactions recorded in our platform (T&C applies). We also have a plafond limit from Rp 10 Million to 2 Billion, within 3-14 assessment days.

Swift companies enjoy the flourished growth that lasts long
after the economic crisis passed

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