6 Advantages of Electronic Proof of Delivery


6 Advantages of Electronic Proof of Delivery

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Couriers usually show proof of delivery in the form of the recipient’s signature on the delivery notes they carry. In this digital age, apart from being obsolete, paper-based evidence leaves a large carbon footprint on the environment and is inefficient because it is slow to process.

Electronic proof of delivery allows businesses to collect and store delivery proof faster than paper methods. Proof of delivery also protects your delivery team from the risk of incorrectly inputting package details, wrong addresses, false claims, potential disputes, and other shipping errors.

What are the Disadvantages of Paper-Based Proof of Delivery?

    • For Field Couriers

They need to protect paper documents from loss and damage throughout the day (especially when it rains and the weather is not friendly).

    • For Office Employees

Data entry and reconciliation of paper evidence at the end of the day is time consuming. If a company don’t want to move to a computer system, they will take a long time to trace it back. Some companies even keep both the paper evidence and the recap in excel on the computer as a backup if there is a dispute due to input error.

    • Lack of Visibility Between the Two Parties

If the courier collects the evidence on paper, the office employees are not in the know until the courier returns to the office. This means that office employees cannot update delivery status in real-time. Paper notes are weak evidence, so couriers cannot always accurately describe where they left the package without photo evidence and geo-tags.

What are the Benefits of Paperless Advotics Shipping?

  1. Couriers must arrive at the coordinates of the intended customer’s location before they can complete the delivery.
  2. Delivery couriers can easily confirm that the task has been completed, directly in their app.
  3. Proof of delivery can use an electronic signature directly from the courier application, complete with photos, notes, and other files if required.
  4. Couriers can report complaints from the recipient, including a description of the reason and quantity details.
  5. Companies become allowed to do contactless delivery.
  6. All files are stored securely in the cloud, making them easier to access and safer to keep.
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Are There Further Integrations for Shipping Route Planning Automation?

With the Distribution Management System, in addition to creating electronic evidence, the system can also create and change delivery route assignments in real-time. If a more optimal route is needed, the company can use the Delivery Planning System (DPS). The DPS system can help companies plan the best route for delivery couriers to maximize vehicle capacity and distance traveled.

In addition to electronic proof of delivery, a paperless system can also be adopted for other activity reporting processes in the field.

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