Why do Sales Orders Need to be Automated?


Why do Sales Orders Need to be Automated?

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Sales Orders

Sales order is a document made by the distributor/principal after receiving an order from the buyer. It details the product or service purchased along with the price, quantity, delivery time frame, buyer details such as shipping address and payment method. For distributors, this sales order is made by the distributor’s salesman on behalf of the shop owners who are their client.

Manual System Constraints

Most distributors still input sales orders data into the excel system manually. This causes:

    • Data error, inaccuracy, or even data loss.
    • Difficulty of verifying salesman’s visits to clients.
    • Lengthy idle time because salesmen have to come back to the office at the end of the day for the admin to input the sales orders. Even if the order is submitted via text message, the chance of data error is still high. 
    • Many clients start to demand visibility for delivery of goods (updated delivery status) so that the process is faster and more accurate.

Over time, all the pain points above will result in higher operational costs and slow order fulfillment in which clients end up receiving goods after the desired time.


Sales Orders Automation

By using a sales orders automation system, every time there is a sales orders request, the salesman or admin will use a system where it integrates from the order is submitted up to it is received.

    • Prices and product availability can be seen in the system and salesmen can easily input the purchase quantity.
    • Discount programs can be directly applied to the order according to its terms & conditions.
    • Integrated system from order submission to delivery.
    • Activity monitoring system that connects to the salesman’s KPI achievement in order to increase productivity.
    • Loyal clients can be assisted with a self-service ordering system.
    • Obtain market trends data from collected and analyzed consumer behavior reports.

By automating these time-consuming manual tasks, sales teams can spend their time more focused on lead prospecting strategies and maintaining good relationships with buyers.


Advotics Sales Order Featured Features 

Available in the Workforce Management System and Distribution Management System, the features below can improve the distribution process by ensuring employee performance and automation of ordering goods to be more detailed, and transparent.

    • Search products by name, SKU, ID or barcode.
    • Apply discounts and promos for unit prices and subtotal prices.
    • If the user is in the process of making an order and  has to exit the Sales Order module and comes back again, the user can continue making orders with the shopping cart feature.
    • Salesmen can place orders without visiting customers with the visitless sales order module.
    • Print proof of purchase receipt using a printer via bluetooth.
    • If the customer does not want to place an order after being visited, the user can choose the reason why no order was made.
    • Reminder notification when the order fulfillment deadline is overdue.
    • Can filter sales order channels based on segment, territory, and approval due date.
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