Supply Chain Digital Transformation Workshop

Honeywell digital transformation workshop

Supply Chain Digital Transformation Workshop

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Last week Advotics and Honeywell conducted a joint partnership event at Menara Prima, Jakarta. The half-day workshop was titled “Supply Chain Digital Transformation”, and was attended by representatives from multiple Principals or Brand Owners.

Fanda Vionita, Advotics’ Senior Product Manager
Venny Septiani, Advotics’ Head of Growth

Staying Ahead of The Game through Digitalization

Speaking was Advotics’ Head of Growth, Venny Septiani, who shared how real-time visibility of offline supply chain operations was a key component for companies to be successful, especially in Indonesia.  However, since there were so many parties involved within the sales & distribution process, it was extremely challenging as well as unprecedented for principals to have the capability to track their products beyond their distributors. This is where Advotics’ Product Digitalization Management solutions come into play. 
Jeffry Tani, Advotics’ Chief Product Officer
Randhy and Fitra, Product Management Team in Advotics

Advotics utilize unique code (such as QR code) as product unique identity to track activity history throughout production and distribution chain. Advotics’ Chief Product Officer, Jeffry Tani, also shared the latest innovation of QR code scanner that can differentiate the original code from the duplicated or counterfeited ones.

During the demo session, Fanda Vionita, Randhy Novianto, and Fitra Akbar further explained how the solutions worked in actual manufacturing line and warehouse. With the help of a mini conveyor belt, along with Honeywell’s industrial hardwares, they simulated the step by step from serial number mapping in manufacturing line up to warehouse, and to finally sold in stores. They also shared the benefit of having the data captured for companys’ strategic decision.

Rio Satrio, Honeywell Strategic Account Manager

Supported by the Latest Innovation in Industrial Hardware

As Honeywell’s official ISV, Advotics’ clients can pair our software with the latest hardware from Honeywell, from implementation in manufacturing line, warehouse, up to field operations.
Advotics Web-Platform Demo

Rounding off

We hope all attendees could gain valuable market insights, connect with other industry professionals, and above all, understand how to implement the right strategy with the right tools. If you missed it, be sure to catch our future workshops and follow us on our LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with the latest news from Advotics.

Together, Advotics and Honeywell have been helping the Indonesian market leaders in tackling the distribution challenges by enabling enterprises to track and trace their products.

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