Sales Pipeline Lead Management


Sales Pipeline Lead Management

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What is Sales Lead and Lead Management?

Sales leads are data about potential and prospecting buyers of products or services. Companies get sales prospects through advertising (online and offline ads), trade shows, exhibitions, press releases, webinars, partner/customer referrals, etc. Then, the sales team will use the prospect’s contact data to send sales pitch emails, phone calls, or even meeting visits.

Lead management is the process of collecting prospect information, tracking interactions with the sales team (chat, phone, email, visits, marketing campaigns), identifying whether the customer is ready for sales, and finally, product purchase.

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Pain Points in Managing Prospects

Many of the leads generated through marketing campaigns are often wasted because they are lost or ignored. This can cause huge losses because the costs incurred for advertising are not small.

If the prospect’s contact is not dismissed, the sales team is sometimes slow in giving a response. According to studies, if a prospect doesn’t receive any response within a few hours to a day, they will turn to a competitor instead.

Lead management can help companies record all incoming prospects. So, there is no longer a sales team who forgets to contact prospects anymore, brings away a contact list with them, or missing contact list in excel sheets.

Lead Management for Manufacturers and Distributors

In addition to selling products to shops as resellers, manufacturers and distributors also sell products to large-scale/industrial consumers, for example:

    • Construction materials to build buildings/roads/etc
    • Food ingredients for restaurants/hotels/producers
    • Industrial raw materials sold to other companies

Because it deals with companies, the B2B sales process is slower, more complex, and requires more discussion.

A company can discuss for months before reaching a buying decision. However, on the other hand, B2B sales are worth much more than regular B2C store sales. Therefore, the Lead Management system is increasingly needed because every lost prospect will have a major impact on company profits and relationships.

Advotics Lead Management

Lead management in Advotics Distribution Management System has comprehensive features suitable for all types of businesses. For principals and distributors, your sales team can convert more prospects into customers in less time. The system provides detailed visibility from lead information to overall analysis.


Featured Features

    • Dividing leads into each sales status/stage along with the total value of potential revenue at each stage
    • User can set a name for each sales stage according to the company’s internal terms
    • Complete details of interactions with sales staff (meeting results, telephone calls, discussions, etc.)
    • Features to remind the sales team of the next activity (follow-up calls, submit proposals, etc.)
    • Can be accessed via mobile apps and the web portal
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