Reduce Mobility with Advotics Visitless Sales Order Module


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Reduce Mobility with Advotics Visitless Sales Order Module

To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, the Indonesian government provides a policy to reduce mobility and mass travel from one place to another. However, companies certainly expect business activities and development to continue to run smoothly.

The Visitless Sales Order module in the Advotics Workforce Management System is one way to keep running the business, and at the same time still comply with the social distancing protocol. 

What is a Visitless Sales Order?

A little different from the usual sales order feature, Visitless Sales Order can create goods and merchandise orders without a store visit.

For What Are Visitless Sales Orders?

Initially it was aimed at maximizing salesman productivity in sales activities. With this module, salesmen can still handle orders from the shop owner without a physical visit to the store, for example, orders via telephone calls or text messages. With this, companies can still manage sales orders in the same application, Workforce Management System or Advowork.

How does It Work?

After logging into his application, the salesman can choose which stores to make orders from. In addition to creating new orders, salesmen can also change prices, quantities, discounts, taxes (according to the user rights that have been set) and add merchandise. All salesman activities are monitored directly through the web portal, so that supervisors can continue to monitor the business without going to the office.

Advotics also has ARM (Advocate Relationship Management). The difference with the Workforce Management System product, the ARM application allows customers to order product orders independently.

Your customers can place orders from the mobile application, the data of which will be sent automatically to you or your distributor at any time. You become more connected with your clients directly, so they can be closer and love your brand even more.

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