A ‘New Normal’ Guide for Managers on Faster Recovery from COVID-19


A ‘New Normal’ Guide for Managers on Faster Recovery from COVID-19

As some countries begin to consider how to end lockdowns, companies need to prepare strategies that maximize economic recovery while protecting public health.

Below are few key points that you need to take into account while preparing your company’s recovery plan:

1. Maintain Strong Relationship With Your Clients

During the pandemic up to the recovery period, the new social distancing protocol urges companies to minimize field workforce visits to client stores by digitizing documents and transactions with a mobile workforce app. These new alternative ways allow salesmen to seamlessly do their task and supervisors can ensure all clients’ needs are met even when they’re WFH.

Not only that this can assure your current supply chain flow, but if you can keep a strong bond with clients by giving great customer service during tough times, it can leverage your competition even after the pandemic ends.

2. Embrace Agility in Your Business Operations

You may have seen companies pivot to different business operations to accommodate this new normal social practices, or even you have practiced it yourself. For example, restaurants that shift to delivery of ready-to-eat or frozen meals, as opposed to dine-in. These new operations may require different tools to ensure your service level to customers and employees’ safety.

For the frontliners in delivery function, contactless delivery tracking features can protect both customers and delivery couriers, as well as introducing a new way to verify delivered products. By saying goodbye to paper signing, digital verifiers can send confirmation faster, fight potential fraud, and minimize genuine errors in the system.

3. Sustainable Cost Optimization

During the downturn, you might receive the pressure to cut your resources. However, by implementing a software, you can find an alternative to cut off operation costs, apart from reducing manpower.

Advotics’ Vehicle Management System has been proven to reduce fleet rental cost by 14%. The system goal is to indicate the usage of rented vehicles, in which helps to determine which vehicle isn’t fully used and needs to be cut off. In the long run, you will have less idle resources sitting in your warehouse thus achieving a sustainable cost optimization, without reducing your productivity.

4. Create Data Visibility

As Pre-Covid data from the previous year or quarter do not longer provide much insight for the near future, companies will find themselves relying more on the latest data of what is happening in the market.

One of the ways is with cloud-based software solutions that capture data across all supply chain layers on a real-time basis.

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