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The Importance of Product Availability in Stores for Principals

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The purpose of marketing is to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and grow the business. Nowadays, most companies are more focused on digital marketing to attract consumers. However, in-store marketing is also very important because it can attract consumers’ attention directly, influence indecisive customers, and provide a better shopping experience.

The Importance of Monitoring In-Store Marketing

    • Increase Sales

According to a statistic from Retail Customer Experience, 70% of consumers still purchase products at physical stores, even after they research about them online. Therefore, if the company only focuses on digital marketing, consumers may get distracted by competitors’ products when they arrive at the store, if competitors have more attractive promotions. And vice versa, if your company’s promotions are more attractive than competitors, this can increase your sales.

In addition to attracting new consumers, with promotions, companies can also encourage impulse buying, upsell (sell more products, for example bundling or buy 2 get 1 free), and cross sell (encourage consumers to buy different products that are still related to the initial product that consumers chose, for example toothbrush and toothpaste).

    • Prevent Wasting Resources

The company has spent a lot of resources researching strategies, spending a lot of money distributing banners to all stores, and paying for premium slots to get ads seen by more people. If the promotion is not installed/executed properly, all marketing initiatives will be wasted.

Store Marketing Implementation Documentation Solution

Unlike digital marketing, offline advertising is more difficult to monitor because it’s not integrated with any system (for example advertisements on store shelves). Meanwhile, the installation of promotional banners & other media rely on shop owners and their staffs to execute.

One way to monitor is by providing salesmen/merchandisers who regularly visit the store with mobile distribution applications such as Advotics Distribution Management System.

So, apart from monitoring product stock level on shelves and offering product reorders, salesmen/merchandisers can take photos of promotional banners in stores to report to the head office.


Also, if the advertisement is good but the products in the store are out of stock, all marketing initiatives are useless.

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