How to Further Modernize Your Modern Channel

How to Further Modernize Your Modern Channel

How to Futher Modernize Your Modern Channel

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Last week we talked about handling multiple sales channels (omnichannel), now we are going to discuss how to further modernize your modern trade channels by improving merchandising, automating scheduling, and optimizing delivery.
Read more about the differences between Modern and General Trade channels here.
Procurement and order processes in Modern Trade (MT) are already centralized by chain and most likely already have a system in place. To increase sales, Principal usually hires SPG to push product to end customers and reports beginning and ending stocks in stores, and hires merchandisers to monitor product visibility compared to competitors.

1. Improve Retail Merchandising

Visual merchandising in modern outlets is much more important than in traditional outlets as they allow customers to freely browse and purchase products. Hence, during store visit, merchandiser have to:
Ensure total stock level reported in MT’s system is accurate
  • Monitor planogram compliance
  • Conduct feedback survey for end customers
  • Capture product expiration date
Those activities must be digitalized to ensure easy submission and data compilation. Otherwise, a lot of resources will be consumed and promotion strategy cannot follow market changes.

2. Automate Field Merchandiser Scheduling

WIth lots of outlets/locations to be visited, automatically generating the most optimal route within store operating hours and merchandiser’s area coverage, can increase the number of store visits per merchandiser up to 50% without increasing the number of employees.

3. Optimize Delivery Route Planning & Assignments

In order to meet fast product turnover, especially in FMCG industries, logistic teams need to deploy a large number of vehicles to cover modern outlets and their distribution hubs. The latest technology can automatically assign delivery orders to the most suitable vehicle to optimize its capacity and delivery routes within expected delivery window. Moreover, HQ team can monitor their live location and proof of deliveries in real time.

Advotics is an Indonesian based SaaS startup specializing in supply chain. Our Distribution Management System is here to help your distribution by integrating all your activities, from sales order purchasing, delivery, invoice generation, to ensure merchandising.

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