Cut Operational Costs with Vehicle Management


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Cut Operational Costs with Vehicle Management

COVID-19 Pandemic pressures most management to cut the cost of the company’s resources.

Recent studies have found that to recover faster after the situation returns to normal, management must take far more strategic steps in cutting resources. One alternative way to cut operational costs without cutting a lot of manpower and minimizing layoffs is by implementing a software system in the day-to-day operational processes.

Vehicle Operations

As industrial vehicles (forklifts, trucks) are considered as a large investment, many companies end up renting vehicles through third-party vendors. However, when companies rent many vehicles, management often lacks knowledge of whether the vehicle is being used to its full potential on the ground.


Vehicle Tracking

By attaching a GPS system to each vehicle, the software collects its locations and movement from time to time and then displays it on the dashboard overview. This information is commonly used for vehicle tracking, route management, and other activities.

In addition to that, vehicle tracking is also useful for the purposes of cost optimization. By monitoring all activities of each vehicle, this tracker can also calculate the duration of its use. If usage is too low, management can cut on vehicle rentals that are identified as rarely used or low in utility.

This system allows companies to maintain its productivity despite cutting its operational costs.

Operational Assessment Using the System

By knowing the use of vehicles, management will be able to maximize the utilization of existing vehicles and reduce rental costs by cutting vehicles that are underused while maintaining company productivity.


Vehicle Management System

As SaaS (Software as a Solution), ROI by implementing the system can be quickly and accurately calculated. Advotics Vehicle Management System has been proven in our clients companies to reduce vehicle operating costs by up to 14%.

Advotics software is integrated with a tracker installed in each vehicle where all data is uploaded in the Advotics cloud feature, sourced directly from the use of each vehicle. In addition to recording vehicle usage, the system can produce reports that can help companies better analyze and manage expenses in the future, even after the pandemic ends.

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