Advotics technology solutions helped Danone Indonesia team win global award for best excellence in execution

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Advotics’ client, Danone Indonesia, just won Danone Global Best Practice Award that was held in Amsterdam. We interviewed Ardhi Hiang Sawak (Ardhi), the Channel Manager of Digital & E-commerce in Danone Early Life Nutrition, to discuss about Advotics’ role in the development of award-winning project, DELA.

Q: Congratulations for winning the award! Could you elaborate a bit more on the event itself and the winning project done by Danone Indonesia?

A: Every year, Danone Global would hold an event to recognize some of the excellent work performed by the sales team. We were up against Danone Early Life Nutrition CBU (Country Business Unit) around the globe and managed to win the title “Best Excellence in Execution” for the DELA project. DELA is a platform that we developed together with Advotics, that allows us to directly communicate with our powdered milk retailers via mobile application. Moreover, by using DELA, retailers can partake in our online marketing campaigns & loyalty programs, from point earning, dashboard viewing, and redemption. Retailers can also order products directly to their distributors via DELA.

Q: What did the Awarding Committee appreciate about the DELA project?

A: They see DELA as a breakthrough method of engaging traditional outlets. Among the 4 finalists from Spain, France, and Argentina, our project was the only one that utilized technology as the center of innovation.  Furthermore, we received positive response from the store owners we approached during the pilot of DELA, which was shown by their willingness to adopt our app.

Q: What were the pain points in your operations that Danone tried to solve by engaging Advotics?

A: For our powdered milk brands alone (SGM, Bebelac, Nutrilon Royal), Danone has around 80.000+ outlets spread throughout Indonesia. However, our Merchandisers, the frontliners for our marketing program, can only cover ~10% of the outlets. So, we asked ourselves, “How can we increase retail coverage without having to increase the workforce?”

Our old loyalty program required offline announcement to retails, manual sales data collection from distributors, and tons of excel work. This resulted in inefficient customer lifecycle management and retailers could not keep track of their loyalty program performance.

Q: How did Advotics’ solutions help you address those pain points?

A: Since the offline canvassing effort required a large sum of money, by deploying DELA, we were able to optimize the resource by replacing the need for additional manpower with an effective software system.

In addition, using DELA, we can centralize our efforts to monitor instore display and advocate brand loyalty by enabling the exchange of retailers’ direct participation with loyalty points. Instead of having merchandisers visit the stores every week to take pictures and information, merchandisers can reduce their visit frequency per store and shift their focus to onboarding retailers into DELA platform. We are currently preparing to roll-out the app to general trade outlets nation-wide as well as other distribution channels, such as pharmacies and hospitals.

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