Strategies from Leading FMCGs to Recover from the Pandemic Hit

Strategies from Leading FMCGs to Recover from the Pandemic Hit


FMCG brands have embraced using digital platforms to transform the way they sell. Many have started to use software solutions to meet new needs and ensure existing consumers to maintain loyalty.


1. Expand Buyer Base

With the growing concerns around income, brand positioning as value for money (affordable prices) can reach more new consumers. Distributors can run promotions and collect industry’s insights directly from the field by equipping salesmen with a mobile app to capture competitor pricing and conduct surveys.

2. Bring Product Closer

With mobility restrictions, small stores near residential areas become the preferred channel for the Indonesian market. Distributors should ensure availability of products and cover a wider store coverage to compete as a market leader.

3. Tap Into Consumer’s Changing Behavior

As hygiene habits become a priority because of the pandemic, most FMCG run ads to communicate health related messages to promote their products. Distributors should ensure that the messages are clearly shown in store shelves by monitoring promotional banners.

Since small stores closer to homes become more preferable, to anticipate influx of demands and maintain stock level, Principal can equip stores with a self-service ordering application.

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