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Data is useless if it’s only collected without any further processing. The purpose of management reporting systems and business intelligence is to translate data into actionable information. By connecting various internal departments and the company’s supply chain layers, you can find out about the market demand situation, sales conversion, to the company’s operational efficiency.

Multiple Insights from One Data

Reporting process has to align with the company’s strategic business objectives for it to be useful. The use of a management reporting system ensures that data generated on a daily basis from multiple platforms can be filtered, collected, viewed, and analyzed in its entirety.

Companies collect various kinds of data, however, not all employees need and want to see all of them. Within a company, each department can look for different insights from the same data set.

For example, a supervisor needs market info data, a sales team needs a sales order report, an operational team needs a planogram report, while a management team needs a combination of the three data. Therefore companies may need a system for generating custom reports for a variety of purposes.

If the data source file is large, take for example, daily transactions from each store, processing it into various report formats will certainly take a long time. If it’s done by different people, the numbers for the same metric may be different due to adjustments made by each person. Not to mention if the reporting period needs to be shifted or updated, this processing process must be started again from the beginning.

Advotics Custom Report Feature

Advotics solutions can facilitate various standard report templates. Formats are always ready to download, for example Market Info, Sales Order Report, Planogram, Attendance, Redemption Report, SLA Report, Demand Report by SKU, etc.

However, as discussed above, certain companies or departments may require different report formats according to their individual needs.

Advotics Custom Report Builder feature allows you to create your own reports. You can choose the type of data source you want (from sales data, employee attendance, activity, service level, etc), then choose the desired data fields yourself along with the order and column names you want.

Next, you can choose the scope of your report, for example a specific date period, area, or workgroup. You can also give and save the custom report a name so that it can be selected and reused for the future.

Create Custom Report
Download Report

Continue to Offline Report Analysis

At the end of the month, the analyst or supervisor usually has to submit various reports to upper management. Often they struggle with a lot of data and reports that have to be processed all at once. If the download process takes too much time alone, it will hinder the whole analysis process (not to mention ruining the mood).

Advotics feature allows you to download multiple reports simultaneously. After selecting the desired report, the download process can run while you are working on other tasks. Download progress can be seen to check the reports that have been downloaded and which are still running. The report format can also be csv and xlsx, so you can continue the analysis with the various formulas available.

Advotics Business Intelligence Dashboard

Apart from the management report system, all data can be integrated with Advotics’ business intelligence dashboard. More detailed insights and graphical visualizations will give companies more visibility into the data at one glance.

Advotics Business Intelligence Dashboard
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